Jakubmartinu b68032d942e282daa901e7e9d5af6ae7ec7134ebdd046f936db494d62a5e2e84
Jakub Martinů
We’re using PPC Bee for category search. It’s a truly robust tool and they’ll be happy to help you use it to to its maximum. That’s why I recommend trying it and not being afraid to ask - using chat, for example.
Matejslavik 417dd3881c5b14a9f4d98d40e99be7dbb8fa8dddf83863f2a91638114c5fee50
Matěj Slavík
A really advanced tool for campaign automation. It would be impossible to advertise all our products without it!
Michallubelec f8c55f44c8c1b8b6601ad3ebb72980b85097668218e90654754496144f407e7d
Michal Lubelec
With PPC Bee, we are currently advertising over 90000 products with the exact keywords we need for each product. In addition, we always have up-to-date prices and discounts in our ads. Compared to other automated ad services, PPC Bee has convinced us with the option to comfortably work with custom variables, conditions, and regular expressions, but also with always willing and helpful support. That’s how we have much greater control over what we advertise and how.
Michalhanacek 6014e435f0081e2bac080d45e41579692f189ac01567d183678e6a7aa776d968
Michal Hanáček
We fell in love with the PPC Bee environment and its team. They helped us increase conversions and implemented functions needed to use our account. Product campaigns are effective and application control is easy after a short getting familiar with it. We set up our account clearly to be able to work well with it. We are still using the application and recommend it to others.
Martinzitek d12bf8af36970a7dad0c32a250c63d2eea26b5cbd082f9faf81c6ebfba0de701
Martin Zítek
My goal is to automate everything that makes sense to. PPC Bee is one of the tools that helps me build (not just) product campaigns simply, quickly, and in a clear way. If you have your data feed set up correctly, then it’s only a matter of “several” clicks in PPC Bee to tune what you need. PPC Bee’s biggest advantage is its ability to create custom variables, which I can’t go without anymore, its intuitive UX, and active support.
Robertstipek 9e323538801dcbb2a166195479105fb5b635c6df7fb873b4d9262b0121ed1167
Robert Štípek
Every day we manage PPC campaigns of dozens of large and small clients and PPC Bee allows us to deploy advertising for thousands of their products. It makes it very easy and effective to promote products that are actually in stock, always with their current price stated in the ad.
Ondrejslama c730243dee55a01adbf5ab57169981eace25ed6ced27bb7ad75174a3bd754109
Ondřej Sláma
In my opinion, it is the most advanced tool on the market, but primarily it listens to our suggestions and requests and works hard to improve itself!
Marek Mašek
Really worth to test it.
Filipcerny e1801ecf751be82ac83ca7b380b243d0a519e8097dbe1b9defdc23f9bb97145f
Filip Černý
Thanks to PPC Bee we are able to effectively advertise more than 20,000 products, including up to date prices and stock availability.
Jirimarik e76348f2e6bd08943968444eae4486b71ae75060d8f9134dedb18182243f0890
Jiří Mařík
We use PPC Bee for creating as well as managing product campaigns. Using PPC Bee makes everything very efficient, saving both money and time. Support is friendly and the trial version a big advantage. We definitely recommend trying PPC Bee.
Jiří Mařík
Using PPC Bee makes everything very efficient, saving both money and time.
Marekmasek 5437099c2fa07f18c7a03b8856f460a116f7bf6f55e9f0739d835f4eba2b1846
Marek Mašek
From among similar services, PPC Bee offers the absolutely best options to generate product campaigns. Advanced editing of input data and the subsequent generation of keywords and advertising texts according to specific criteria. The icing on the cake is the transparent monitoring of running campaigns.
Tiborgonglik aac729e4f26e82a15d106a105008fe3bc7105c1bfacd7b858c151690593f9a2e
Tibor Gonglík

Thanks to PPC Bee we now create and manage campaigns with our offer of holidays better. Our clients can see the relevant offer of tours better matching their needs. When creating product campaigns in other circumstances, working with large amounts of data prevents us from creating multiple ad groups with related keywords and ads that are really relevant and gripping. Thanks to PPC Bee we offer hundreds of thousands of tours only to those users who are interested in them and a great asset for us as an advertiser is that we just advertise current offer depending on our own pre-determined key.

PPC Bee team is working very hard to come up with something new all the time, for example recently they have added sitelinks. Moreover, they always try to respond to our current questions, which are not just a few due to complications with product campaigns. Also they are very helpful for their clients by the updated information on their blog and by detailed manuals that are available to everyone on their website.

Petrsoukup 1e4dd1bafa260ecd227cca17b7e2f3e1b0bdc849e434cb7137b68140b7bc87dc
Petr Soukup
We have been using PPC Bee already for few months and we quickly got used to the extra time that we saved because of the automation of PPC campaign. Now we are able to manage larger campaigns with the same team. We were pleasantly surprised by the performance of the tool and we are following each further development of the tool.
Jiří Mařík
Support is friendly and the trial version a big advantage.
Janbartak b73babecb4c008dec24e2077083d652809692ac78954e0e45a8b51c93ac26497
Jan Barták
I commend PPC Bee for everything. It’s a great tool to accelerate and automate product campaigns. It is evident, that the tool is being continuously improved. Since I started to work with this tool, it has undergone an interesting development not only in terms of design and UX interface, but also in technical matters: fast ad groups generating, campaigns updating, work with trademarks, the option to disable keywords overwriting, inserting a numeric variable into the text and many others. Last but not least I must also speak well of client support.
Ondrejsova 5adf20a110b2199f5a5ad58eb99e4a9dc63733294d4c6c3952bc724514ed6d09
Ondřej Sova
Simple, intuitive environment that enables all you need to manage your product ads well in both, Google AdWords and Sklik.cz.
Miroslavsollar e3040286ca6a90796f488acf063214e911077560b3742c5e5c9642eca95f7d25
Miroslav Šollar
Why did you chose PPC Bee to manage product campaigns? Because it is far the best among its competitors :)
Davidsedlacek 12edfb7d05816e447d02d7c601a79b47917d6e8f8ba39158a113deeb724eeadb
David Sedláček
We consider PPC Bee an effective tool to create product campaigns with excellent support. PPC Bee saves our time and increases revenues to our clients. There is no reason not to recommend it.
Petrcicela a60b79f690c5122ecbd49bf72b6d1225ce19d55f92ac1a8500b030c8129cb982
Petr Číčela
In IT STUDIO, we consider PPC Bee an effective tool to manage product campaigns which are our daily bread due to our focus on e-shops. PPC Bee saves our time and gives us space to better allocate our client's resources.
Danielondrasek cee5dfc9f9c49115f4095a2df6b0c7afa76631be4a754874d6d465bd66557a5a
Daniel Ondrášek
PPC Bee helps specialists in automation in an advanced way. The platform can be utilized not only to manage product campaigns, but it is also helpful in creating structured campaigns of rather general character.
Pavelklammert ac36be276e9f764001a96f18d5623c932dd0e135c8dc1c39fe8b3b65e5269888
Pavel Klammert

PPC Bee was primarily brought into my focus by a colleague of mine, but its good reputation among my acquaintances certainly helped too.

Well, that might be enough for me to try the system, but what really convinced me to use it was its intuitive interface together with simple administration, which (as I learned in the training) offers a surprising complexity.

You really have a fine product and I will recommend it further :)

Veronikakurucova 33d6c536d630c766531e36d12ed3151ae0e98b93ec5e2fc5cd6bda653516c65a
Veronika Kurucová
Great functions, user-friendly interface, excellent support and prompt communication.
Simonahorniakova bc171cfd81acd3720ac2d15e4cc3a3171d81e65aa1dcc2311d15e91fc1911fbf
Simona Horniaková
PPC Bee is a great solution for clients with a vast product offer and focus on ROI. Thanks to this system we are able to maintain the campaigns up-to-date from the perspective of price as well as availability, but also effective since they are customized exactly to the clients.
Zdenekhrabalek c97829092502e6762b1583af1838de537367b8b01f8914bbd64db2610f6e6b91
Zdeněk Hrabálek
I really like your app in fact I was using it all the time recently, It is like my toy :)
Mallgroup 2d4e4c128bc76974e0bafd5e7f379ce2eaff93494ee19bd5b7345170f51d5f6c
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