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We use the tool PPC Bee to advertise product campaigns for our clients. Thanks to PPC Bee, our product campaigns are always current, both in terms of product price and stock status. I want to highlight the perfect cooperation with the people behind PPC Bee. From basic technical support to developers that process our requests in the shortest possible time. PPC Bee is indispensable for managing our clients' work, automating hundreds of thousands of items.
Matěj Lopata

Using the PPC Bee automation tool and its Image editor, the Brasty e-shop saved almost 50 % of the time needed to manage its entire portfolio of PPC campaigns for 10 European markets. Thanks to PPC Bee automation the Facebook DPA campaigns had a 163 % higher conversion rate than static creative content!


For projects like eyerim, PPC Bee is excellent. I’d recommend PPC Bee as a professional tool with excellent technical support. To me, that’s the biggest highlight.

— Michal Vavro, PPC specialist, Dexfinity

We use the feed export tool to advertise products listed on price comparison sites, both in the Czech and foreign markets. It has everything we need to edit feeds containing thousands of products and make our life easier. The PPC Bee team is always open to suggestions and willing to help resolve any issue. That’s why PPC Bee’s Feed exports are the pillar of our product feed work.
Jan Michálek
We fell in love with the PPC Bee environment and its team. They helped us increase conversions and implemented functions needed to use our account. Product campaigns are effective and application control is easy after a short getting familiar with it. We set up our account clearly to be able to work well with it. We are still using the application and recommend it to others.
Michal Hanáček
My goal is to automate everything that makes sense to. PPC Bee is one of the tools that helps me build (not just) product campaigns simply, quickly, and in a clear way. If you have your data feed set up correctly, then it’s only a matter of “several” clicks in PPC Bee to tune what you need. PPC Bee’s biggest advantage is its ability to create custom variables, which I can’t go without anymore, its intuitive UX, and active support.
Martin Zítek

The Acomware agency faced the challenge of significantly simplifying and at the same time improving and streamlining search network campaigns for its client ČEZ Group. Automation proved to be a logical approach. They achieved the success by merging PPC Bee and Google Sheets.

With PPC Bee, we are currently advertising over 90000 products with the exact keywords we need for each product. In addition, we always have up-to-date prices and discounts in our ads. Compared to other automated ad services, PPC Bee has convinced us with the option to comfortably work with custom variables, conditions, and regular expressions, but also with always willing and helpful support. That’s how we have much greater control over what we advertise and how.
Martina Katrincová

The B2B course provider top vision had trouble maintaining profitable marketing campaigns. With steadily climbing CPC and large costs for managing campaigns, top vision hired Marketing Makers to find ways to make their advertising more cost-effective and reach ambitious KPIs. Several months into the endeavor, the results were clear: by using PPC Bee, Marketing Makers brought down costs considerably, both in terms of ad prices as well as maintenance costs.

Moving our marketing feeds to PPC Bee saved us a lot of time, as well as the cost of having feeds edited by programmers. Now we have more space to focus on more strategic issues and keep taking Vivantis to the next level. Feed Exports are a versatile solution for any e-shop. The easy-to-navigate design allows users to edit their feeds in any way they like. We appreciate the obliging customer support team and its responsiveness to our requests.
Petr Šimák
A really advanced tool for campaign automation. It would be impossible to advertise all our products without it!
Matěj Slavík
About PPC Bee, I especially appreciate the possibility of working with custom variables and the time saved using the tool. Last but not least, I admire the clean and intuitive interface, as well as the active and very willing support. As an agency, we cannot imagine campaign management without PPC Bee anymore.
Andrea Chamilla

„What I really like about PPC Bee is how quickly you react to new features and add them to the application, whether it's ETA or, currently, ad customizers. Of course, I also have to mention the excellent technical support. It's thanks to that that we could start using PPC Bee so soon and I was always answered excellently.“

— Jakub Martinů, PPC specialist, ZOOT

Every day we manage PPC campaigns of dozens of large and small clients and PPC Bee allows us to deploy advertising for thousands of their products. It makes it very easy and effective to promote products that are actually in stock, always with their current price stated in the ad.
Robert Štípek
We’re using PPC Bee for category search. It’s a truly robust tool and they’ll be happy to help you use it to to its maximum. That’s why I recommend trying it and not being afraid to ask - using chat, for example.
Jakub Martinů
We consider automation of search campaigns a crucial thing so the cooperation with a client is smooth. If we are able to generate names of the products, services, categories, and filters in a data feed, we launch campaigns via PPC Bee. Consequently, we have more time for reporting, analyses, and optimizations, so we can move the campaigns to another level.
Michal Blažek
At Brasty, we manage ads for 11 European countries. This means that we are in charge of a large number of campaigns, and thus the PPC BEE tool helps us to save not only time but also money thanks to automation. Thanks to this, we can focus our attention on creating a better PPC strategy and improving our ads. I also appreciate the support we receive from PPC Bee. They react very quickly to problems and constantly supply us with news that we can test.
Denis Vysloužil
We are using PPC Bee for more than 10 markets and honestly, we can't imagine managing all the campaigns manually ever again. The App is very intuitive and gives us a lot of space for customization with the possibility of custom variables. We would also like to highlight great and fast support that is always dealing with our specific requirements beyond expectations.
Martin Anderko
I’ve used PPC Bee to automate my clients’ product search campaigns and DSA campaigns feed for years, and, personally, I cannot imagine the work of a PPC specialist and the automation without this tool.

Thanks to the automated campaign structure creation, I can dedicate more time to the strategic development not only of the PPC campaigns but also of the whole marketing mix. Plus, I can test more variants of ad texts, landing pages, and much more.

I also feel great about where the money invested in the tool goes—to supporting the company and a team that strives to do the best job and moves the whole PPC specialization forward.

Thumbs up!
Milan Merglevský
A wide and regularly changing range of products can be quite a challenge for online advertisers.
PPC Bee helps us save time and prevents us from making mistakes through a broad spectrum of available rules. Thanks to these attributes, PPC Bee has a solid position in our advertising mix and budget every season.
Lukáš Pítra
We use PPC Bee for creating as well as managing product campaigns. Using PPC Bee makes everything very efficient, saving both money and time. Support is friendly and the trial version a big advantage. We definitely recommend trying PPC Bee.
Jiří Mařík

Thanks to PPC Bee we now create and manage campaigns with our offer of holidays better. Our clients can see the relevant offer of tours better matching their needs. When creating product campaigns in other circumstances, working with large amounts of data prevents us from creating multiple ad groups with related keywords and ads that are really relevant and gripping. Thanks to PPC Bee we offer hundreds of thousands of tours only to those users who are interested in them and a great asset for us as an advertiser is that we just advertise current offer depending on our own pre-determined key.

PPC Bee team is working very hard to come up with something new all the time, for example recently they have added sitelinks. Moreover, they always try to respond to our current questions, which are not just a few due to complications with product campaigns. Also they are very helpful for their clients by the updated information on their blog and by detailed manuals that are available to everyone on their website.

Tibor Gonglík
I commend PPC Bee for everything. It’s a great tool to accelerate and automate product campaigns. It is evident, that the tool is being continuously improved. Since I started to work with this tool, it has undergone an interesting development not only in terms of design and UX interface, but also in technical matters: fast ad groups generating, campaigns updating, work with trademarks, the option to disable keywords overwriting, inserting a numeric variable into the text and many others. Last but not least I must also speak well of client support.
Jan Barták
Simple, intuitive environment that enables all you need to manage your product ads well in both, Google AdWords and Sklik.cz.
Ondřej Sova
PPC Bee helps specialists in automation in an advanced way. The platform can be utilized not only to manage product campaigns, but it is also helpful in creating structured campaigns of rather general character.
Daniel Ondrášek
Great functions, user-friendly interface, excellent support and prompt communication.
Veronika Kurucová

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