Tool for automation of PPC product campaigns for online stores

I need my online store to earn more.Get PPC Bee Free for 30 Days
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Mařík PerformicsB2Bgroup
“We use PPC Bee for creating as well as managing product campaigns. Using PPC Bee makes everything very efficient, saving both money and time. Support is friendly and the trial version a big advantage. We definitely recommend trying PPC Bee.”
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“Every day we manage PPC campaigns of dozens of large and small clients and PPC Bee allows us to deploy advertising for thousands of their products. It makes it very easy and effective to promote products that are actually in stock, always with their current price stated in the ad.”
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“PPC Bee is a great solution for clients with a vast product offer and focus on ROI. Thanks to this system we are able to maintain the campaigns up-to-date from the perspective of price as well as availability, but also effective since they are customized exactly to the clients.”
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“From among similar services, PPC Bee offers the absolutely best options to generate product campaigns. Advanced editing of input data and the subsequent generation of keywords and advertising texts according to specific criteria.”
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Why should I use the PPC Bee?

Efficiency – PPC Bee automatically generates highly targeted campaigns.
Safety – PPC Bee is safe as a vault.
Client Support – call us, send us an email or let's meet in person. We are here to help.
Performance – Need a higher return on investment and increased sales? It's easy with PPC Bee.
Data Source – PPC Bee works with every data source (XML, CSV, etc.)
Settings – PPC Bee functions will satisfy even the most demanding users! Complete functionality is available for one month for free!

I need my e-shop to earn more.

I want to run product campaigns now

What are the product campaigns?

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The user knows exactly what he is looking for
Paid advertising
(that pays for itself)
Results1  en 5ffcc700c2c256089500b822d40bcd7a5d595441d622a0b645dfb2daabf40652
  • High conversion
  • Less competition
  • Immediate effect
  • Costs under control
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+ Conversion
This is solved by PPC Bee
User0 9cce1227c79531541b330bb4835340f576e3ca99412c816a9d23b80dea18fa52
The user doesn't know exactly what he is looking for
Results0  en 5f47136be2ba07426a4379a41eeb4570b0b39fcf84dabfb474f5766f7d2b546d
Common paid advertising
(low conversion)
  • High competition
    (everyone uses PPC)
  • Low conversion
Conversion0  en 225762cfb3f757b4f75f2a0911c8587ab28768912f1087afb00ebf8e5f123c44High number of products
Confusing for user...
This is not solved by PPC Bee

How Does PPC Bee work?

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Your eshop
Importing data
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PPC Bee tool
Settings 89ad01dee7540fd30e3575416515e9c4cc7912134ae53e22b9349e67c67a4b7b
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Ai e0eb9a484f2277828939e49e047779d934943ee7fee469aae46b0101db4e8bf1
(comming soon)
Artificial intelligence

I need my e-shop to earn more.

I want to run product campaigns now
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