Up to 5 000
USD 192
EUR 174
5 – 10 000
USD 356
EUR 322
10 – 25 000
USD 480
EUR 433
More than 25 000
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PPC Bee is free for 30 days

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Once the trial period has expired, you can choose a plan that best suits your needs.

In order to use PPC Bee, you must pay a monthly fee. This fee for using the application depends on the number of products that campaigns run for.

This means that no matter how extensive feed with products you send us, the key is the number of products which you run ad group for, i.e. how many products you advertise.

If you start to use the application and a specific tariff (the specific fee) applies to you, it can be changed based on how the number of products you advertise changes. Do you want to increase the number of product? A higher tariff will apply to you as well. Or, conversely, do you not use your plan fully and want to reduce it? Make the appropriate adjustments in your payments settings and that’s it. Next month everything will run under the new tariff.

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Do you feel that you cannot fully utilize even our basic tariff (up to 5000 products) and all you need to advertise is let’s say 1000 products only?

Please let us know!