Make tuned ads with powerful and precise toolsMake tuned ads with powerful and precise toolsarrow


Finetune your data
to make ad creation quick

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Synchronize with any source
No matter what data source you want to use, you'll be able to work with it in PPC Bee.
  • Any file format , including XML or CSV
  • Custom-made importers for your file format
  • Any file structure, including Merchant, Heureka, and Zbozi feeds
  • ZIP or GZIP files
  • Synchronize up to 24 times a day
Create variables you can work with
Sometimes, your original data can be a mess. Clean it up so that you can use it effectively later.
  • Shorten by number of words or characters
  • Shorten until or from a certain phrase
  • Get rid of duplicate words and stop-words
  • Remove punctuation and diacritics
  • Find and replace allowing regular expressions
  • Tweak the capitalization
  • Choose products to tweak the variable for

Generate ad content
with precision

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Hit the right keywords
Target all the relevant search queries and eliminate those that are too generic, too long, or just unfitting.
  • Use variables to generate keywords
  • Broad, exact, and phrase matching
  • Eliminate keywords with negative matching
  • Get rid of duplicate words and stop-words
  • Reduce the number of words
  • Remove short or lengthy keywords
  • Remove diacritics
  • Find and replace supporting regular expressions
  • Set a duplicate keyword strategy
  • Set conditions to segment your product campaign
  • Restrict time-wise
Have control over your ads
Create ad text that fits the product. Enhance it with the price, sale info, and other selling points.
  • Use variables in ad text
  • Time-restricted ad generators
  • Use conditions to display the correct selling points
  • Use Dynamic Search Ads to cover more keywords
  • Use Ads's ad params and ad customizers
  • Automatically shorten headlines and descriptions
  • Capitalize the displayed URL
  • Cover all your products with ad chaining
  • 3 kinds of UTM parameters: Automatic, PPC Bee, custom

Optimize your campaigns
with quality control tools

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Weed out problems
When you run into a problem on an ad platform, you'll hear about it and have the tools you need to fix it.
  • Optimize with Tuner, a smart AI assistant for finding problems in your campaigns
  • Get notified about issues by email
  • Check which keywords, ads, and sitelinks you’re generating for each product
  • Blacklist undesirable keywords
  • Set your own text replacements for trademarks that can’t appear in ads
  • Choose which ad systems to replace which trademarks in
  • Remove lengthy or generic keywords with keyword length limits
  • Synchronize up to 24 times a day
Monitor how your campaign is doing
Stay on top of things with a monitoring dashboard that spans all your campaigns and ad platforms.
  • See clicks, avg. position, impressions, price, CPC, PNO, and more for each campaign
  • Check the progress of your campaigns across ad systems in one place
  • See how you’re doing on the level of ad groups, campaigns, ad texts, or keywords
  • Choose which ad systems to replace which trademarks in
  • See all your campaigns or just those from PPC Bee

Free tools to get you started

E-commerce is hard to get right. When you need a quick fix, PPC Bee offers some tools to help you. They're free forever, and while they're part of PPC Bee, you can use them even when your subscription expires.

Export customized feeds to DSA

Feed preparation for DSA


Export customized feeds to Google Merchant

Feed clean-up for Google merchant

More coming soon…

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