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Our values

We're making a tool that gives clients power over their product campaigns. Our vision is to do it in a way that keeps us being the best. Throughout our work, we rely on the values that define us.

Each one of us tries to attain mastery in what they do. Hard work, passion, and responsibility for our product and our team are our driving force. Every member is an individual bringing unique values to our product.

Our client is an equal partner.
PPC Bee was, is, and always will be, built in such a way as to fully meet our clients' needs. Their feedback serves as our main inspiration.

We're continually improving the quality of our tool, the design of the services we offer, and making the way we work more effective. Innovations are an indispensable member of our team, making sure that every day, we're better than the last.

Why work with us

"When I came to PPC Bee to apply for the position of project coordinator, it completely slipped my mind for a moment that I was officially interviewing for a job. And I’m incredibly glad for it. The mood was relaxed and I was free to honestly discuss the position and trends in the business.
The offices are very pleasant and I was happy to learn how those who work for PPC Bee use the space, how the management thinks about spaces where everyone is supposed to do their work. I find this very important and always pay attention to it when coming for an interview or visiting clients. The guys from the team took me out to lunch; it was easy to move from discussing hobbies to talking about work, in regards to processes and everyday operations...”
Once again, you’d completely forget you were interviewing for a job. In my experience, there are few companies and work teams treating their prospective colleagues in this way. I hope this changes soon. PPC Bee is absolutely setting an example. There’s no reason for an interviewee not to be able to see how the team they’re interested in joining works. In my view, businesses and companies which pretend there are no daily procedural issues or obstacles to operation waste both their and their prospective employee’s time.
After all, senior applicants know very well what to expect, or that there tends to be friction where actual work is being done. I’d very much like to thank PPC Bee for inviting me and really hope their approach becomes a new standard in recruitment."
— Lucie, Candidate for project coordinator

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