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Security at PPC Bee

We care about the safety of your advertisingarrow

Service availability

Our services run in high availability mode. We ensure that all underlying services are at least tripled. Our servers and backups are geographically separated and protected against data loss.

Secured servers

We use our own secured and encrypted servers with a limited access. Our servers are stored in protected data centers under 24/7 surveillance.

Secured data

User Passwords are stored in a database in an encrypted format and cannot be read. Ad System tokens are stored in an encrypted format, too, but with the possibility to decrypt them in our application if needed.

Encrypted transmission

Thanks to our SSL certificate which provides top level https transmission, nobody can see or track user behavior in our application thanks to the SSL certificate, which provides top level https transmission.

Credit card numbers

Your credit card number is perfectly secured thanks to Braintree payment. The credit card data is sent directly to their service, without any additional steps.

Usage of your data

Your data is available only to you and our support team, who's here to help you if needed. Nobody else can access it. All data is sent directly to advertising systems through a secured https connection.

Secure sign in

Signing in with your Google account allows you to sign in to PPC Bee safely.

Our partners

Our keys to reliability success
  • Password policy control
  • User permissions
  • Two-factor authentication (Sign in with Google)
  • DDoS protection
  • High availability application
  • Matching European GDPR requirements

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