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Manage all clients’ campaigns in one place and gain more time to think about advanced strategies.

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Why spend loads of time in spreadsheets or creating scripts? You take care of your clients’ campaigns and strategies, and our devoted team takes care of the development and fine-tuning all the great features.

Let’s see all the possibilities PPC Bee offers you

Cover the entire paid search
Automate all types of search campaigns, and even campaigns in the display network.
No client is too specific
With PPC Bee, you can easily automate campaigns for all kinds of products or services, no matter how big or small the business is.
Simple creation of data feeds thanks to Google Sheets
It might happen that your client cannot deliver proper data feed. Thanks to the possibility of connecting Google Sheets as a data feed, you can simply create the feed on your own.

Gain time to focus on advanced strategies

As creating and managing thousands of campaigns is as easy as ABC thanks to PPC Bee, you can focus on more important things, such as advanced strategies.
These are some of the most popular business strategies. As all the repetitive tasks are taken care of, you get more time to evaluate what strategy delivers the highest performance, and then set your campaigns accordingly to reach your client’s goals.
Such segmentation is a matter of just a few clicks with PPC Bee.
Products or services which have a high margin
Products that are in stock
Items that make high revenue
Products with competitive prices

These features are here to help you create effective campaigns