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Performance Max campaign allows you to create ads for YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Google Maps, all from one place. Clients who use this type of campaigning can advertise across Google Ads services to secure more customers and conversions.
Benefits of Performance Max with PPC Bee
No need to restrict yourself to a Google Merchant Center product feed. You can use any data feed you have on hand.
Your campaigns can use Data enrichment to supplement your feed with, for example, sales or conversion data from Google Analytics, or segment products by margin as stated in a separate Google Sheet. Simply put, you can utilize any advanced strategy offered by PPC Bee.
You can branch asset groups in order to, for example, time individual creatives according to special events, time of the year, etc.
You can use the Image editor to set your product images apart from the competition’s and secure more conversions for less money.

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