app updates

August 18, 2021

Data enrichment

The user can now use the Data enrichment function in the application to enrich their existing data source with additional data from other systems. With this new data, you can better specify your strategies and work with the setup of the campaigns themselves. On our LEARN page you will find specific use cases for each system. You can read more about data enrichment on our blog.

Improvements and features
  • Variable type Countdown
    With the Countdown variable, you can include in your ads the number of days remaining on a specific date (start/end of the event) or use a variable from a data source. You can also use the variable in banners when working with the Image Editor or the Ad Text Generator.

  • Improved pagination
    In PPC Bee, the user has the ability to scroll to the previous/upcoming page below the table, but now can also use the option to skip to the first/last page on the stand.

  • Image editor design changes
    In the Image editor, you will find modified icons that determine the order of layers.

  • New icons for campaigns and ad text
    For better clarity, we have modified the icons for each campaign.

  • Improved number variable
    When a new number variable is created, the inserted numbers are converted to decimals so that integers can be divided correctly. Dividing numbers in a custom variable is great for getting CTR, PNO and ROAS. User also has the option to choose what happens to the resultant value on non-valid input.

August 12, 2021
Improvements and features
  • Feed export for FB catalogue - Vehicles
    In the offer of our feed exports we have now added the option to choose the export for Facebook catalog of the type Vehicles.

  • Working with time in conditions BETA
    Our development department has now improved the ability to work with time conditions when there is a variable of the date type in the feed. Now the user will find a clearer explanation in the application and a clear timeline that shows which specific products fall into the filter and which do not.

July 12, 2021

Data Explorer

Thanks to the explorer, you can in-depth examine your data source according to the set dimensions and metrics and optimize the settings of your campaigns based on the results. You can find the Explorer above the product preview in the data source, as a third display option. With this feature, you can analyze your current data exactly as you need at the moment. Investing will then make it easier for you to decide how to set up your campaigns and their structure. You can download the final result in .csv format.

Scraper wizard

Don’t have your data source? Does not matter! With the Feed scraper, you can easily get it by simply entering the URL of your site map. Thanks to the scraper wizard, we can easily enrich our new feed with additional elements. You can now easily select the data you wish to use for your new feed by simply clicking on the preview of the selected page. Thanks to the wizard, you do not have to work with advanced CSS selectors, but only mark elements that will be scrapped for the final feed. How to work with the scraper itself and the scraper wizard can be found in our learn.

Improvements and features
  • New notifications in the application
    Under the bell icon in the application, you will now find notifications from all organizations managed by you. Notifications are clearly divided into categories, based on application updates, problems in the data source and other messages. The user can easily filter read and unread messages and assign these statuses back to them. And because your opinion matters to us, you can easily rate the messages and give us feedback.

  • Time restrictions for all campaigns
    From now on, you can use time-restriction features in all your campaigns, such as setting the exact date when a particular campaign will run. For search campaigns, you will find this option in the settings of the advertising system, FB, DSA, Smart and PLA campaigns always have this option on the first page and then in the setup of campaign or Google ads.

  • Edit sync options for Smart Campaigns and Google Shopping
    As part of these campaigns, we’ve adjusted the bidding sync option. Now you can use the button to choose whether you will change your bidding strategy settings directly from us in the application or in a specific advertising system.

June 3, 2021
Improvements and features
  • Facebook campaign gives you now better ability to target relevant audiences
    For remarketing strategy, you can now choose between new audience type - Up sell and Cross sell. For prospecting, you will find new option to create your own custom exclusion, i.e. choose an audience you do not want your ad to show to.
June 2, 2021
Improvements and features
  • Choosing an ad system for keywords
    As a specialist in PPC Bee, you can now decide what type of match to use when creating keywords, as well as which ad system to send these KWs to. And all this without creating a separate campaign. When creating keywords, simply click on the target ad system icon.

  • Renaming and moving an adgroup from one campaign to another
    If the categories in the campaign name change and you have set the structure of campaigns by categories, the application will create the corresponding number of campaigns according to the number of categories. For example, if you create a campaign by margin and one product changes the margin, that Ad set will be paused in that campaign. A new Ad set will be inserted in the correct campaign. You can now laso delete the product id within the structure in the campaign - there is no need to have it in the ad group name.

April 30, 2021
Improvements and features
  • Simplify actions over a data source
    Of the many actions above the table, only the two most commonly used actions are left. To update the data feed and create a grouped data feed, other functions such as creating a filtered data feed can be found by users in the drop-down list.

  • Working with dates within variables is now available in PPC Bee
    Now you can see a new “first seen on” column in your data feed, which indicates the date the item was added to the feed. This date can be used in conditions, when creating variables or ads. Depending on the date, you can choose which products you want to use and, for example, you can target new products added to the feed.

April 26, 2021
Improvements and features
  • Adjustments of image templates in the Image Editor
    In the Image Editor interface, you can easily implement actions and edits on an image template. Just select a specific image and choose to edit, duplicate or delete it. Templates that are already in use for example in a campaign or export, can’t be deleted.
April 8, 2021

Updated table of ad texts

The table of advertising texts has been redesigned. Orientation in the table is now more intuitive and the creation of ad texts more agile. As a user, you now have a better overview of the branching of individual ads. For better orientation, there is a search above the table, filter by ad text type and you can also switch between table or row overview.

Improvements and features
  • Card payment error notification
    If you have set payment by card as the main payment method and the payment is not made automatically (eg expiration), you will now receive an email with a notification of the error. You can immediately pay manually via the payment gateway.

  • Activity log available for download
    In the Activity log section, you now have the option to download an audit of activities up to 30 days back. This file can be used for better control of activities in the organization, or as a statement of individual actions.

  • Unsaved changes notification
    With the new enhancement, you’ll never lose unsaved edits to your campaigns again. If you, as a user, make any unsaved changes to the settings and want to leave the section, the system will ask you automatically if you want to discard the changes or continue further editing.

March 23, 2021


  • New design
    Our Subscription page has a new layout. Compared to the original version, the subscription is now divided into three separate sections, namely subscription, billing, and invoices. Thanks to this you will get a better overview of which PPC Bee functions you use and what payments are linked to them.

  • Subscription
    You can now clearly see in your account, which Features are currently used, to what extent and what is the price for the usage.

  • Status boxes
    On the page of your subscription, you will now find information boxes with the current status of your subscription.


  • Activation modals
    Before syncing the Ad to the selected system, you’ll see an activation modal with a summary of the action. That is, a notification whether you are running a paid Feature, whether you are in a trial version or in a classic period, price list, and billing information. You will also see a similar modal when activating the feed export.

  • Image Editor usage indicator
    If you are using our Image Editor, thanks to those new columns you will have a quick overview of what campaigns and exports are currently using this Feature.

Improvements and features
  • New Dashboard Metrics
    Thanks to the modification of the main graph, you will better see the development of individual metrics over time, both in the context of the entire organization and within individual campaigns. In the Dashboard, you can also find latest news about our Features.

  • Feed export news
    In the export for Google Merchant Center, you will now find two new attributes, namely product detail for additional information and highlights for highlighting the most important product features. For the needs of Google remarketing, you can use our new Feed export type Custom.

January 19, 2021

Image editor

  • Live preview
    In the Image Editor, you can now freely switch between design mode and live preview. Thanks to this preview, you will instantly see what the final image or banner will really look like.

  • Image flipping
    Thanks to our enhancement, you can rotate your images vertically and horizontally. This option makes it even easier to create tuned banners.

Feed Scraper

The latest release also brought a new form of Feed Scraper, which is now more user-friendly. The features have been retained, but will now be easier to use to create new data sources.


  • Select images within your ad text settings
    Automatic mapping of images from your data source is now resolved. At this point, you can omit any manual adjustment from your head. We’ll automatically select all the images from your feed and then offer them to you when creating a creative for your Facebook ads. From there, you can also edit them directly in our Image Editor. See more on our Blog.

  • Ads branching
    Minor improvements also occurred within the branching of individual ads. Now the branching is even more intuitive. Thanks to our warning, you will prevent a situation where you would create an ad via branching, which will not subsequently appear in the system.

January 6, 2021
Improvements and features
  • ARRAY variable - new text editing
    Thanks to a new improvement you can now make the same adjustments to the ARRAY variable as to the text variable if the output is a single item. At this point, you can use functions such as find and replace, text shortening, and other transformations for the field.

  • Audit log
    The new activity overview gives you even better control over your in-app actions. While until now it was only possible to view activity for the previous 7 days, you can now track your actions backwards at any time. The history of activities can also be used for a specific data source or campaign, via a link in the side menu.

  • Invoice notes
    Did you miss the possibility to add the order number or other information to your invoice, for example for accounting purposes? It is now possible to add any note to the invoice. You will find this option in the settings, in the Subscription and Billing section.

December 10, 2020
Improvements and features
  • Default setting of columns in the campaign table
    We have adjusted the display of columns in the campaign summary table. The information for each campaign is in the table selected and sorted now by how relevant it is to users. If you want to add or remove anything, just use the custom column function.

  • New info bar
    We have moved important information (like trial or subscription info) from the breadcrumb to a separate top bar for better orientation. Thanks to this new update you will not miss anything important.

Bug fixes
  • Adtext preview
    We’ve improved the preview of your ad texts. On the right side, you can see a preview of the ad for any selected product. However, if you have more than one ad set, we will also show you information which set the product is generated in so that you have a better overview.

  • Facebook campaigns time restrictions
    Based on a specific client request, we added the possibility of time restrictions for campaigns on Facebook. With them, you can set when you want your campaigns to run. Campaigns will automatically shut down when the timeout expires. Do you have an idea that would make your work at PPC Bee easier? Share it with us at support@ppcbee.com.

December 1, 2020

Grid card view - New display of items in the feed

We have added the option to see your advertised products in a Grid view. You can switch between the grid view and the classic table view. Thanks to the grid you have an immediate overview of what images the products have and other useful information (price, availability, etc.). You have also the option to define the variables you want to display on the tab or in the grid.

New PPC Bee Feed exports

Thanks to feed exporter the users can take any feed, upload it to PPC Bee and create a new feed in the application suitable for other tools. In addition, thanks to PPC Bee, you get the opportunity to work with your own variables and easily optimize each attribute of the feed. We have newly added following exports:

  • Price-comparison shopping sites
    Now you can create your feed for Favi, Glami, Zboží, Heuréka or Árukereső

  • Adform
    Create a unique feed for your RTB Campaigns

  • Facebook localized catalog
    This export helps you to create an additional feed for your FB catalog and can create dynamic Facebook ads for multiple languages ​​and countries! If you want to promote goods in more countries, you do not need several different catalogs. You can create a feed for a language or country. Once the catalog contains country or language information, people in dynamic ads can automatically see the correct item information based on location and language.

Improvements and features
  • Improved design of conditions and filters
    For better clarity, you can see what filters have been set, how many products you have selected and you can view them in the preview.

  • Modified Breadcrumb navigation
    With that new feature, the orientation in PPC Bee is even easier. You don’t have to click between menu items but you can move in the menu just through the Breadcrumb.

  • CPA metric
    Customized columns in your campaigns are newly enhanced by CPA metric. CPA can be used either on the campaign or ad system level.

  • Changes in text Variable
    Thanks to the new function “remove HTML tags” you can clean your titles or other text variables from unwanted HTML tags.

Bug fixes
  • fixed Grouped Data sources
    We have newly added the number showing the amount of products and also groups in Grouped DSA campaigns. Now you can see both, the number of grouped items and also the number of all items.

  • fixed Campaign Statistics
    We’ve fixed the display of campaign statistics from ad systems in our dashboard for you. You no longer have to go to individual ad systems to find out how your campaign is doing.

November 2, 2020

Valid and Invalid Adtexts Filter

We have implemented valid and invalid columns to the Adtexts preview to simplify the identification of Invalid ads a detect the problem. Thanks to this new feature you can optimize your text in the way, that all of them are going to be valid.

Improvements and features
  • Feed Scraper - advanced settings BETA
    The Scraper will notify you of possible errors after you upload the Sitemap URL (wrong, empty URL, etc.). We have also enriched it with a preview that shows you the first few scratched items, you can also view the parsing of a specific URL here. Users can now use the Include / Exclude regexp option to get only the data they really want from the sitemap, which will significantly speed up the whole process. You can also use the features to turn on and off for parsing metadata or predefined templates (title, h1, meta keywords …). It is now possible to create your own variable using the CSS selector.

  • Improved Image Editor
    We have newly released a function where the user can set a time limit for individual image layers due to conditions. Thanks to this adjustment, you can adapt your image and thus the advertisement to special events or periods (Black Friday, Christmas, discounts, etc.). You will see the set time limit as an icon in the list of layers, where you can check in the tooltip when which layer will be displayed.

October 6, 2020

New customised Columns in Campaigns

Thanks to customized Columns you can easily check your Campaign statistics data separately for each Ad system.

September 21, 2020

Feed Scraper BETA

Would you like to create a campaign in PPC Bee but you have no Data Source to use? Feed Scraper can create a product or category feed just by uploading your sitemap into the PPC Bee App. You don’t need the help of a developer, now you can easily generate your data source inside PPC Bee on your own. Read more on our blog.

Feed from Google Analytics BETA

This new feature helps you to advertise preferred products or categories that have real value for your business. A New Google Analytics data source is generated straight in PPC Bee. You can choose with ease the synch frequency between GA and your new source. To optimize your campaigns you can use filters that help you choose only the relevant data. Find out more information about the new feature here.

Feed merge

Feed merge helps you to connect two different data sources into one. You can merge your existing data source with a feed from Google Analytics or for example with your Google Sheet. All you need is to have one common attribute for both sources. Find a detailed explanation in this video.

Image Editor

With Image Editor, you can easily create your own images for Facebook Ad campaigns. PPC Bee Image Editor offers the possibility to use a different number of conditions, which helps to display certain information (elements) in banners.

September 14, 2020


PPC Bee App has undergone a complete redesign. Our Developers tried to come up with a more user-friendly layout that will help our clients with even more efficient ad campaigns. And they did it! You can read about all of the changes in the article on our Blog.

  • Campaign preview
    We have simplified the left side menu which has helped with the overall orientation and leads to more effective usage.

  • Settings
    General functions, such as linking PPC accounts, organization settings, user access, or billing information, can be now found in the app’s upper-right corner.

  • Organization
    We’ve removed the list of organizations and sub-organizations from the upper right corner to the upper left corner as is the case elsewhere, such as in Google Ads.
    New breadcrumb navigation helps easily shift between the organizations you can access. Moreover, if you’re working on the campaign or data feed level, these levels will be added to the navigation and you’ll be able to switch between them as well.

  • Campaign and data feed overview
    All operations which are relevant to a given line are combined in an easy-to-navigate dropdown menu for better orientation.

June 5, 2020

Campaign overview - new performance data

With that new additional feature, you can see basic performance data regarding each campaign. Starting today, you don’t have to click on each campaign separately to see your performance.

Improvements and features
  • 3rd headline and 2nd row in the description in Microsoft Advertising added
May 5, 2020

A new design of feed export editors and a brand new Facebook Catalog export

Whether you create feed export for DSA campaigns, Google Merchant export, or Facebook Commerce export, which is new, the creation should be very easy for you. Not only the editor has a new design, PPC Bee also automatically pre-fills some of the fields with the most suitable attribute from your feed. Every field includes an example of what the format of the value should be.

A multiple select option in conditions

When setting up conditions, you can now choose from two more new types of conditions - ‘one of’ and ‘not one of’. These conditions allow you to easily select more brands, for example.

Easier segmentation of Shopping Ads campaigns

Until now, it was possible to use only one variable in the Shopping Ads campaign name or in the name of the ad group. However, from now on you can use as many variables as you like, as long as the name doesn’t exceed 120 characters. A better segmentation of products will help you reach better results.

PPC Bee Insights - Give us your feedback

Our dev team is currently working on brand new actionable Insights, so that the campaign optimization is easier for you, and that you have better overview of your campaigns performance in general. However, we would like to know what data do you prefer to see there. You can share with us your preferences by filling a short feedback form that can be found in the Dashboard.

Improvements and features
  • Displaying policy finding errors
    In case your ads are not being shown in the ad system, it might mean that your ads are violating advertising policies of the ad system. To help you find out what’s wrong, you will be able to find such information in the campaign preview after clicking the specific ad group.

  • Log in with Facebook account
    Not only you can register or log in with your Google account. From now on, you can log in also with your Facebook account.

April 1, 2020

SMART Shopping Ads campaigns

There’s a new type of campaign in the app - SMART Shopping Ads. It’s a combination of a standard Shopping Ads campaign and a display remarketing campaign. It uses automated bidding and ad placement.

Ad texts labeling in Google Ads

To evaluate the performance of individual ad text templates, you can use the ad text generator’s name as a label.

Improvements and features
  • User profile settings redesign
    The interface of the profile settings has been redesigned. In case you need to update your profile details, it’s now easier to navigate.

  • More intuitive way to create elements 
    Another thing we changed in order to make our app more user-friendly is that we removed some of the primary buttons and replaced them with a pop up window with more options. For example, instead of 4 buttons to create new different types of campaign there will be only one, and after clicking it a window with all the types of campaigns will show up.

  • Select item from the array variable
    You can choose the output of an array variable, meaning you are able to choose if the output is going to be an actual array, or if it’s going to be only a specific part of the input. Let’s say we have an array that contains ‘electronic > mobile phones’. You can split it and select as the output only the second part, which is ‘mobile phones’.

  • The Wizard has been removed
    From now on, there is no visual wizard in the app. Instead, once you finish each step and save the settings, you will be automatically redirected to the next step. This will take you to the finish line, including synchronization of your campaigns with the advertising systems.

  • Information about CPC rules in Google Ads tab 
    In a classic search campaign, if you have set up CPC rules, you will be informed about it also in the Google Ads settings tab. In all the campaign types you will find the information in the ‘Bidding’ tab. Here you will also find all the bidding options.