What improvements are waiting for you in PPC Bee 5.3.0?

Google Merchant Center feed export got better

You can now add all the information that Google Merchant Center can process in your feed export. In addition, all items are categorized for easy orientation in the editor.

Activity log in Tuner

The history tab now includes the email address of the user that accepted or rejected Tuner recommendations. However, this only applies to new actions, not the old ones.

Numeric conditional variables

Recently, we introduced conditional variables that allow you to easily define what values it will contain using conditions, existing variables, or any text. However, the resulting variable was always considered a text variable, therefore you couldn’t use it as an Ad Customizer for example. From now on you can choose, whether it will be a conditional text variable or conditional numeric variable.


We’re happy to introduce you PPC Bee 5.0.0!

It brings you brand new features as well as some small but handy improvements.


A separate page with a Dashboard has been added to the app. It informs you of any possible issues that may occur, campaigns and subscription status, changes made, new Tuner recommendations, and items development. Read more on our blog and find out what it has to offer.

Responsive Search Ads

Over the past year, Google Ads launched Responsive Search Ads. From now on you can create responsive ads in PPC Bee as well! Just go to the Ad Texts tab and click ‘Create Responsive ad text’.

Time restriction settings made easier

When setting a time restriction in any of the generators, you no longer have to click through to the desired date. The date can now be entered manually into the field, and the calendar also has the possibility to click through between years (until now it was possible to click only a month further). And what’s more, you can apply the most recently used time restriction settings with just one click to other generators.

Clearer variables

When working with variables, you can now recognize at a glance whether it is a text variable, a numeric, a field, or a conditional variable.


Here’s what’s new in PPC Bee 4.28.0!

Wondering how helpful Tuner can be, or, if you use it, is? If you open Tuner, you can see a dashboard which shows you how much money you can potentially save if you accept the recommendations, and how much money you have already saved.

Until now, there were 3 levels of access in our app - read-only, product campaign management and full access. However, as users with product campaign management access level weren’t able to connect advertising systems, therefore weren’t able to create Shopping Ads campaigns, we decided to add another level of access - product campaign management + linked accounts.


Planned outage of provided services

We would like to inform you about a planned outage of provided services due to the maintenance of the backbone network of our hosting service. The start of the outage will be on 18th November 2019 at 22:00 and its termination will be on 19th November 2019 at 06:00. During this time, both our site and app won’t work, and therefore your campaigns won’t synchronize. Of course, once the outage is over, we’ll make sure all campaigns are synchronized again.

This outage won’t affect clients who have 1 synchronization per day. For clients who have set up their campaign synchronization 4 times a day, we will arrange for the last synchronization to take place around 21:00 and the next one to start immediately after the outage.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


PPC Bee 4.27.0: Let’s see what’s new in the latest version!

We know it’s not Christmas yet, however, we decided to give you a gift. If you go to the subscription settings, you can activate Sync Boost. That means your synchronization frequency will be upgraded to 12 synchronizations per day for 14 days. As we said, it’s a gift, so you don’t need to worry about the price of your tariff. It will remain the same.

Have some trouble with your CSV feed when importing your products to the app? Are there any invalid rows? If yes, you can now choose whether PPC Bee will skip these products and import the rest, or won’t import anything. Of course, if you choose the first option, you will be able to see how many and which products were skipped in the data source overview tab, or in the history tab (to see which products were skipped, click on the number of skipped products).


PPC Bee 4.25.0: What new features can you discover in the latest version?

When setting up conditions you can now see what data the given variable contains - just click on the magnifier and its preview will show up.

In the campaign overview and in the general overviews of ad text and keywords generators you can choose how many rows you want to see on the page.

In addition to the number of active products, you can see the total number of products in the suborganizations overview - that is, how many products contain all of the feeds in the suborganization.

If you edit or create a new ad text or a keyword generator, the screen automatically drops to the level of the last edited or created generator when you return to the generators’ overview page.


PPC Bee 4.24.0 is released! What new features does it bring to you?

If a product had sold out, PPC Bee used to automatically pause the ad group. However, from now on you are able to choose whether you want PPC Bee to pause it or remove it completely. This can be set up in the Google Ads tab.

One of the biggest advantages of PPC Bee is how easy you can modify your data. We took this advantage even further and are happy to introduce conditional variables to you. With these, you can create a new variable in the source and easily define what values it will contain using conditions, other existing variables or any text.

PPC Tuner got improved! To make it more clear, all the recommendations are sorted by their cost. First, you’ll see new recommendations (not older than one week), then the rest (recommendations older than one week).

If you open a data source, you can see a new tab - History. Here you can find all the information about its synchronization and see basic statistics. Also, if an error occurs while downloading it, there’s a dedicated column where you’ll find what went wrong.


PPC Bee 4.23.0 is out! Here’s a list of all the new features.

  • There’s no need to worry if you don’t have an XML or CSV data source as from now on you can connect a Google Sheets file as a data source.
  • Google announced that from 14th October the option of Accelerated delivery will be disabled - of course, we reflect this change and disabled the option in the app as well.
  • Previews in the ad text generators are now loaded much quicker than before, no matter how many variables your data source contains.


See what PPC Bee 4.18.0 brings to you!

Recently, we’ve added functionality that allows you to choose the format of number rounding. The functionality just got improved and you can now also choose the direction of rounding.

The number rounding is not the only recent functionality that got improved. Remember data source grouping? From now on, not only you can group the source by source variables, but also by custom created variables. And what more, you can select which columns should the new grouped data source include.

To ask for policy exemptions of all categories of forbidden terms is now possible for both ad texts and keywords.


Ad text templates functionality will be disabled

Since the app offers a much easier solution - the possibility to duplicate whole branches of ad texts within the same campaign or even to other campaigns, we will be disabling ad text template on 05.09.2019.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the users who have been using ad text templates. If you are one of them, and worrying about losing your existing templates, we offer you a helping hand in the form of copying all ad text templates to a dedicated campaign, from which you will be able to copy branches of ad texts to any of your campaigns. If you want us to copy your ad text templates, please contact us via until 31.08.2019. In case you do not contact us, your ad text templates will be deleted forever.


Check out what’s new in the latest version of the app, or PPC Bee 4.15.0 is here!

  • you can duplicate the whole branch of ad texts within the given campaign
  • also, you can now duplicate ad text branches, CPC rules, and keyword generators to a campaign that doesn’t include the same variables as the generators do, and what more, we gave the functionality a fresh intuitive design
  • DSA campaign is easy to find and create as we separated its settings from the classic search campaign (to create it, use the dedicated button in the campaign overview)
  • we added both the options of connecting your Google Merchant Center accounts, you can connect them either as a single-account and multi-account
  • if you’re wondering how it is with the safety and security of your data in PPC Bee, check out our new web page


PPC Bee 4.14.0 is out now!

  • when creating or editing custom numeric variable, you can choose the format of rounding
  • it is now possible to delete the whole branch of ad texts
  • PPC Bee recognizes when to use Ad Customizers and when not to use them - e.g. in case you use your own customizers, PPC Bee turns off ad customizers, and the price (or date, sale price, etc.) will be inserted in the ad as a number - more information about customizers here
  • in the keyword generator, we added a link to the Google search result page to every keyword generated in the preview
  • you can now browse and search also in the subaccounts of the linked ad systems accounts
  • since Sklik no longer supports STA ads, we disabled this option as well - more about this can be found here
  • every PPC Bee user has access to Demo PPC Bee shop account (this can be found in the drop-down list of your organizations), here you can go through the campaigns settings and see the ideal set up for specific types of products according to our PPC specialists
  • and finally, big news, PPC Bee supports Shopping Ads automation - more information about this will be available on our blog soon, but you can try out the BETA version already


PPC Bee 4.12.0 is out!

And it brings a hell lot of new features. There are so many of them, that we decided to write a blogpost where they are all written down clearly. So check them out here!


PPC Bee 4.9.0: Google Ads now supports dots in keywords

For example, PPC Bee 4.9 and PPC Bee 4 9 are from now on two different keywords. We adjusted the keyword generator so the dots are being generated.


Tuner just got improved!

Whenever you accept or remove any suggestion Tuner has for you, the action is saved in a History tab - now, the History tab has more clear design. And what more, you can now see all the match types of a keyword that Tuner suggests to remove.


We have two small improvements for you to make your life as a PPC specialist a little easier!

When uploading a new data source, you no longer need to choose the importer - XML or CSV as PPC Bee recognizes the format automatically. And, from now on, every existing user will get a proper email invitation if invited to manage campaigns in other organization.


PPC Bee 4.6.0 is out and it brings a new exciting feature - PPC Tuner!

With PPC Tuner you can easily remove underperforming keywords from your campaigns and save both, money and time. So go and check out what suggestions it has for you! Curious about how Tuner works and want to know more details? Read more on our blog.

PPC Tuner, however, is not the only thing that the latest version brings you. Here are few more improvements:

  • from now on, when switching between organizations, instead of organization settings page you will be redirected to campaigns overview
  • connecting Google Ads or Bing Ads accounts now takes only one click, as we got rid of the OAUTH pages


Tracking templates settings now in PPC Bee!

PPC Bee 4.4.0 is out and it brings an option to set tracking templates in the app - both for Google Ads and Sklik. You can find the tracking templates settings in the Google Ads and Sklik tabs.


PPC Bee can now handle underscores (_) in a campaign’s name without any problem!

If you use underscores in a campaign’s name and no variable is used in the name, you can change the name however you like, even after the campaign has been synchronized.

You no longer need to scroll aaall the way down to the bottom of the page in order to save changes in the keyword and ad text generators, and in the custom variable editors.

Thanks to a new sticky bar with the ‘Save’ button, you can save changes no matter which part of the editor you are in.


What new features is PPC Bee 4.2.0. bringing?

  • regular expressions templates are now available in the inline editor of custom variables
  • it is no longer necessary to fill in the name of keyword and ad text generators, CPC rules, data feeds and feed exports as PPC Bee fills in a general name automatically
  • input text field in the keyword generator is now more clear
  • we added autocomplete functionality for variables, so, now you can just start typing any variable name (preceded by _) and choose the variable you need from the selection that pops up
  • when creating or editing custom variables, in the preview you can now see the difference in color between the original and new version of a variable


We have a brand new user guide for you!

Have you seen it? In case you haven’t, you can check it out here. The user guide is linked with the application, so whenever you are unsure about anything or don’t know how to do something, you can read an article while managing your campaigns in the application. Just click on the ‘Support’ button in the bottom right corner.


The February Batch of FAQs

We’ve managed to gather the most common asked questions of last month. What’s even better is that we’ve managed to provide answers to those questions. So let’s take it easy this morning and read more here!


PPC Bee 4.1.0 is out! Here’s what’s new:

  • to make orientation in the app easier, you can now find keyword strategy settings under the ‘Keyword’ tab

  • when setting up conditions, parameters are now sorted alphabetically

  • if a variable contains more than 1 word, PPC Bee can split these words - this way you are able to create separate keywords from it

  • organization renaming was not working in the last version - bug fixed and you can now rename your organization whatever you want


PPC Bee 4.0.0 is out!

It’s more beautiful, intuitive, and, thanks to a few new features, even a bit more practical. Aside from a new design, you can look forward to being able to edit variables right in your keyword and ad text generators. One thing new clients might appreciate is that, when transitioning from a trial to a paid version, the price for the upcoming period is now calculated based on the number of products active only on the last day of the trial period.


PPC Tuner

We have a new tool in our app. Not only does it help you save a lot of time, but it also helps you save a lot of money! You can request access to it in the application. And if you want to know more about how PPC Tuner works, visit our blog.


Synchronizations in PPC Bee are now faster than ever, as we’ve cut the synchronization time by 70%. And how did we do it? Read more on our blog.


You may have noticed that your Sklik campaigns are not synchronized correctly. However, there is no need to panic as we are aware of the issue and are working on fixing it as soon as possible, as are the people at Sklik. Once the issue is resolved, your campaigns will be synchronized correctly after the next scheduled synchronization.


A wider selection of synchronization frequencies—8 synchronizations now in PPC Bee

PPC Bee is now a little more flexible, thus a little more “for everyone”. We decided to broaden our range of fees. There is a new option—8 synchronizations per day. This is a great compromise for those clients for whom 4 synchronizations were not sufficient and 12 synchronizations were unnecessarily too much.


Are you wondering how our support works?

You can read all about PPC Bee support on our blog. In the article you can learn what forms our support has, where you can find what, and how our support actually works.


Headline 3 and Description 2 now in PPC Bee!

New ad text extensions have been added to Google Ads — we’re talking about Headline 3 and Description 2. These extensions have now been newly added to PPC Bee. You can set them up in your ad text generators.


Do you need to transfer existing campaigns to another account? The new version of our app brings a quick solution to this problem.

From now on, it is no longer necessary to create all your campaigns again. We have added a new feature which allows you to duplicate campaigns to other accounts. And where can you find this option? Open the campaign overview and, on the right side of the campaign in question, choose the relevant action.


Try out regular expressions, this time in reverse

Sometimes, thinking up keywords can be a pretty tough nut to crack, all the more if your data feed isn’t exactly tidy. This can be resolved by creating a couple of your own, new variables and using regular expressions to remove groups of words or characters from them, until only the required word is left. But what if you could just extract a group of words from the text instead of removing it?

This is now possible in PPC Bee as we’ve created a new function for you which works precisely this way - Extract regex!

Read more on our blog


For users in Czech republic we need to enforce CZK for invoicing (due to Czech laws).


DSA with PPC Bee, but on steroids!

The big news everybody has been waiting for - you can now prepare entire DSA campaigns in PPC Bee! DSA campaigns help fill the gap and bring users from search queries, which you yourself wouldn’t ever think of. They also help promote products that have complicated titles or a low search volume.

How did we solve the biggest advertising system limitation and facilitate more control? Read about it on our blog


Introducing the PPC Bee Notification platform

Did you ever miss a significant error or abnormal behavior when working with PPC Bee? From now on, we promise that it won’t happen ever again! We are introducing the PPC Bee Notification Platform, which will inform you about relevant faulty events in a timely manner and will make daily work with the application more effective. Come meet the new platform on our blog


Campaign deletion allowed

You can finally delete your useless old campaign! The only thing you need is full access to the organisation! If you don’t have full access, you can delete the campaign before the first synchronisation.

Ad Customisers included in your campaign by default

Ad Customisers are our favourite feature at PPC Bee! Because they can help your campaign so much, we decided to set them by default. How amazing are they!? Read more in our article

Shorten Paths in display URL

Path1 & Path2, could be too long, so we started to shortening them automatically.. So, you can be sure that the ad text is created.



We added the option to connect PPC Bee with your Sklik account by TOKEN. What does it mean? It means, that you don’t need your current password in PPC Bee anymore!

We created new switches and loaders in the whole application

Do you like them?

You can duplicate the ad text branch to different campaigns

We created a new pricing structure for PPC Bee

Are you interested? Write to Marlen

We have a new website!

Have you seen it already?

Case study with ZOOT!

Did you know that you can also use PPC Bee for category campaigns? Take the inspiration from ZOOT and try to set them up too! Case study here


AdText Branching

We have launched a feature that allows you to prioritize adjacent ad texts.

A typical example is an ad that corresponds with 30% of the products. So, for the rest of the products, the ad wouldn’t be created. However, you are linked to another ad text - this time it’s a more general ad that meets the condition for all products.

Benefits 1. PPC Bee watches the ads for you for you and generates only the most applicable of your ads for each product, separately 2. You gain control over how many products the ad text is used for 3. You gain control over the fact that no product will be left without ad text 4. If any ad text is stopped, the products are automatically merged into sub ad text

You can put together an unlimited number of ad texts, and you can move them anytime you want. Merge the ad text with the branch or let it run independently. Read more on [PPC Bee blog] (


All variables in one place

For better clarity, we connected both original and custom variables on one page called “variables”. On this page, you can create text and number variables.

Mark paused campaign

In campaign control, you can see an info tab about your paused campaign in the system.

New duplication options

– As well as the adtext, you have more duplication options: ## CPC rules duplication Now you can duplicate your CPC rule from one campaign to another.

Keyword generator duplication

Now you can duplicate your keywords generator from one campaign to another.


New business terms and conditions

We would like to inform you of some alterations to our business terms and conditions effective 1 January, 2018. Please be aware of the proposed changes, which you can check out on the following link. We would be happy to respond to any questions you may have, and you can contact us at


Edit styles and labels throughout the app

All over PPC Bee you can see the new types of icon styling, new descriptions, and also new information hidden in tool-tips. You can also appreciate actual informations about the page which you are on directly in the name of your tab.

Time restriction in sitelinks

Besides the adtext generator and the keyword generator, you can now set a time restriction in sitelinks (for product group and campaign). For how the time restriction works and which status you can set, read here.

New rules for CPC

If you don’t have extended CPC rules set, your bids will be taken from your bid strategy in the AdWords/Sklik/Bing setting. But if you have any extended CPC rules, they will have priority in your bidding strategy.


Bing integration

Now you can connect PPC Bee with Bing! Read the article about how to use the Bing setting, and which countries are best for using Bing advertising.

Bulk copies of templates into product campaigns

Working with adtext templates is getting much more effective. Our clients wanted us to add the option to use the template in 1+ campaigns, in one easy step, so we did.

Accelerated navigation to the AdText

In the campaign setting checklist you can now go directly to the adtext setting by clicking on it.

Duplication of organisation

If you want to use PPC Bee for more countries in your e-shop, you’ll be happy for the opportunity to duplicate your organisation. You can ’t find this feature in the PPC Bee interface, but you can contact Káťa for support. She will be happy to help you, and within a few seconds your organisation will be duplicated 1:1. Then just upload the appropriate data source, connect the accounts, and turn on the campaigns.


News in adtext generator

In the adtext you’ll notice the work of our UX specialist. We have edited a sequence of fields inside the generator and some labels too. Moreover, you can set the status of adtext to paused/running directly in the generator. Your work with the generator will be also improved because of:

Better orientation in variables

We added the search box right next to the variables in generators: in adtext and also in the keyword generator.

Upgrade AdWords API v201705 (08)

PPC Bee has upgraded the newest version of AdWords API.


Pause and label adtexts

You can find this option in AdWords settings.The default setting is turned on. This means that if the adtext is not active more, it will be paused and labeled in the system. Then, if the adtext resumes running again, it is actived in AdWords with its historical data. If you turn off this function, the stopped adtext will be deleted and the new one uploaded. So when should you turn it off? You can do it if your adtexts contain a dynamic URL. There, the same ad text doesn’t run twice, because due to a different URL, a new one is always created, and that’s how these texts accumulate.

New combinations of matches in the keyword generator

In one keyword generator you can now use Special match types:

  • +modified -[exact]
  • broad -[exact]
  • broad -“phrase”


AdCustomizers in PPC Bee

In addition to AdParameters, you now have the option to set AdCustomizers in your AdWords campaign settings.

You choose them - just like parameters - for numeric variables. They ensure that only these variables are updated during synchronization and that the rest of the ad is not updated (which is important for the Quality Score).

The difference, however, is that you have the option to select 4 variants of numeric variables that appear in your AdText. Additionally, a customizer’s sync speed is much higher than an AdParameter’s.


News in PPC Bee in July 2017

The first news of the past month is the implementation of what you are looking at right now: regularly updated news from PPC Bee. Starting from now you will know about every change in the application so you can be sure you won’t miss anything! Thanks to this, you can instantly test new features and apply them to your campaigns immediately.

Which other news and improvements are new for PPC Bee in July? Read it here:

We added a conversion rate to PPC Bee monitoring

  • On request from our client, we added a new metric to PPC Bee monitoring. Is there anything else that should be added? Don’t be shy to contact us about it!

Data preview of variables

  • Everywhere that variables are present in the app, you can now look at statistics showing you its representation in the data feed. And more than this –> take a look at our blog.

Adjustment in hierarchy: generating ad groups in campaigns –> We changed the limit from 9000 to 12 000

  • Thanks to this your PPC Bee campaign will split into #2 after exceeding 12 000 products.

List of accounts that have access to the organization

  • This you will use mainly for suborganization. Under the list of users who have access only to that suborganization, you can see the complete list of all users who have the permission for access to this organization through the parent organization.

New condition added: limit for the count of characters in variable

  • In every condition you can now choose the limit for the count of characters in the variable.

User has permission to choose home organization

  • After clicking on your account on the top right, you can see all the organizations that you have access to. You can add a pin (house icon) to the organization which you want to be your homepage (after signing in to PPC Bee).

Users can choose conditions for an empty field

  • Now you’re allowed to set parameters for an empty field in conditions. Set the condition by using “empty” or “full” field.

Preview of products from data feed which are not being used in any campaign

  • You can have an overview of the products you are not promoting in any campaign. This helps you to control your settings. You can find this preview under the data source blurb.

Filtering kw generators and adtexts: running or paused

  • In the overview of adtext and keyword generators you have the possibility to filter running or paused