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September 1, 2023

Performance MAX placement insights

Advanced Performance Max placement insights will now be displayed on your campaign’s dashboard. This allows you to easily see the locations where your ads are being displayed and assess their performance. Utilize these insights to change your strategy or improve your content for specific placements.

You can find more information here.

New conditions for your rules and variables

New product condition filters have been introduced. You can now apply filters to exclude or include product based on XY% of the highest/lowest custom value. Also we’ve implemented an option to use an existing variable while creating new variables.

Improvements and features
  • Changes in pricing are now visible in the Audit Log. You can track updates related to your billing and subscriptions, including any modifications to your pricing plan.
  • You can now upload your exported feeds to the FTP along with SSL protocol and zip/gzip compression.
  • Users can now set up their own notifications for Data sources and Feed exports.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where numerical variables were occasionally imported as text when utilizing the Feed Scraper tool.
  • Adjusted the preview layout for Facebook Ads to accommodate images in various formats
  • Readability of multiple tooltips for a more user-friendly experience
June 21, 2023

Upgrade of Facebook campaign automation setup

  • New setup process that enables you to create Facebook campaigns more effectively
  • Completely revamped user interface
  • Automatic campaign structure has been removed
  • Introducing Product sets with a broader range of filter options
  • Quality of life changes, including faster and easier duplication and new ad set creation
March 16, 2023

New data source upload interface

We want to offer you the best possible user experience. So, this time we tweaked the entire interface when uploading a data source in organization. If by chance the upload fails, we’ll help you find out the cause with new notifications and fix it easily.

Bug fixes
  • Ad group sum count fixed when there is more than 10 000 ad groups in campaign
  • Fixed bad matching of budgets when using DSA and search ad groups in a campaign
  • Preview of the exported feed now takes into account the conditions and the number of selected rows
March 2, 2023
Improvements and features
  • Improved functions of Image Editor, which will make your work easier. For example, the ability to quickly edit a layer after double-clicking on it
Bug fixes
  • Fixed loading bug of sync history log
  • Fixed keyword error when changing the advertising system
  • Adjusted flow after duplicating an Ad and continuing to edit it
February 10, 2023

Budget selection for search ads and DSA

Search and DSA campaigns used to have shared budget only. Now you have the option to set individual or shared budget for your campaigns. This choice also affects the choice of allowed bidding strategies. More about budget selection »

New variable for value extraction from category path

Remove any elements or category directly from the category path and use the new variable for feed grouping.

Improvements and features
  • New notification when items in the exported data source decrease. If there is a significant drop in products, you will be notified by email. This will help identify the error way earlier.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed error when adding videos to Assets in Performance Max campaigns due to incorrect authorization.
  • Fixed a bug when duplicating campaigns for Sklik
December 1, 2022

Text Ad Customizers

You can now also work with Ad Customizers in the application. These allow you to add dynamic content and thus personalize text ads in search results. Why? Because personalized ads attract far more attention than general ads. A pleasant advantage of using text Ad Customizers is also that the entire advertisement will not be generated again, only its dynamic part.

Improvements in the Feed Exports interface

Several changes have been made. The first thing you will definitely notice is the division of the entire menu into three sections, which will help you manage your work there. The last section is activity log, where you can find the entire history of activities, downloads and synchronization.

Improvements and features
  • You can now manually generate a new feed

If you make a modification to your export settings (rules or changing custom variables), you can now manually force a feed to be generated. No need to wait for the next automatic update.

  • New options in the Image Editor

Even better pictures with new features! Vertical text aling, underlines, line editing, line wrapping, text shortening… Now you can do it all!

  • Synchronization rules if the campaign does not contain any products

Sometimes a bugged source or any wrong settings can lead to no products being present in the campaign. Now you can set how the campaign should behave in such a case. Wanna synchronize it anyway? Sure. Wanna use the last existing settings that contained products? Of course.

Bug fixes
  • Display campaigns linked to an archived data source

Campaigns that were linked to archived data sources could occasionally be hidden. This is now fixed, ads are shown and an error message appears that you need to upload a new data file or restore an existing one.

November 10, 2022

Automatic account clean-up

Now you can set your ad groups to be deleted from your ad system after a certain amount of time. This allows you to decide when your ad sets should be removed - after 7, 14, 30, or 90 days. Or you can rule out deletion entirely by choosing “Never”. This change brings several improvements such as removing old errors, speed up your app or prevents your from reaching the ad group limit in Google.

Improvements and features
  • New feed exports for Aukro and Spartoo

We now support the Czech online shopping platform Aukro where you can auction off your products. Settings include everything you’ve become used to with Aukro. Additionally, e-shops expanding abroad will no doubt appreciate our support for Spartoo, a huge marketplace specializing in fashion and accessories.

  • Promo templates for Image Editor

We have added Black Friday and Cyber Monday templates to Image Editor.

October 16, 2022

Google Extensions now in PPC Bee

You can now also automate Google Extensions (soon as Assets) in your campaigns. In PPC Bee, you can set extensions for website sitelinks, callouts, images (including editing in the Image Editor), calls, structured snippets or promotion.

Read more about Google Extensions here

October 11, 2022
Improvements and features
  • Improved initial setup of new organization

When setting up an organization, we have now reworked the initial steps to make them more clear and to provide PPC Bee additional information, so we can improve our services.

August 19, 2022
Improvements and features
  • Design of the edit buttons for images

Previously, the action buttons above the image were not easily visible against the background of the image. We have therefore modified their design and added a background so that you can no longer miss them :)

  • Warning when missing ad for Search campaign with DSA

When you create a search campaign with DSA, it may happen that you choose a campaign structure but don’t create adequate ad text for it. For example, if you select DSA for each item, set up DSA ad text for it, but no longer set up ad for standard ads, the application will notify you that you are missing the ad text.

  • New variations of Feed exports

We have prepared more new variants of Feed exports, now available for Mall, Mall Availability and Spartoo.

July 28, 2022

Smart Shopping Campaigns switches to Performance MAX

On 30.9.2022, Google will discontinue support for Smart Shopping campaigns. New Smart shopping campaigns will no longer be able to be created and existing ones will be converted to Performance MAX campaigns. You can do the conversion manually directly in the system or wait until 9/30/2022 for the system to convert them itself, but we definitely recommend adding Assets to your new MAXs for better campaign performance. In PPC Bee we are ready for this change and the system will automatically detect the change of ads in the ad system and transfer them to PPC Bee. So you don’t have to worry about losing data or having to do anything complicated, we’ve got your back :)

Smart Display Campaigns switches to Display Campaigns

Another such change is regarding Smart Display campaigns, these are officially ending on 1.8.2022 and will be replaced by Display campaigns. But it’s not a major change, the campaign will be automatically converted again in PPC Bee and you don’t have to worry about anything. In addition, you will now be able to target location and language.

June 15, 2022
Improvements and features
  • You now have the option to manually trigger a new campaign sync during an ongoing sync. This can come in handy, for example, if you need to quickly reflect on changes that you made.
May 31, 2022

Migration from ETA to RSA ads on the web

We wanted to offer an easy solution to the wider community on how to migrate ETA - RSA ads. The web interface, besides being available free to all users, can also easily convert ads with countdown feature. Other features are already identical to the in-app migration Wizard. In contrast, the user does not need to link his ad account, but uploads and downloads the ads as a CSV file for conversion.

Improvements and features
  • Improved onboarding wizard

For newly registered users, we’ve prepared a more intuitive wizard to help them get started with the app.

  • Microsoft Ads Performance Statistics

Performance statistics for campaigns advertised on the Microsoft Ads network are now also available in the app. Simply use the custom columns to adjust their settings for campaigns so that the stats appear in the field.

  • New feed export for Kaufland.de
Bug fixes
  • Remapping variable

When using the Remapping variable, it happened that the function got stuck and didn’t work properly for larger files. Now everything works like clockwork.

  • Ungenerated KWs in preview

In addition to generated keywords, you can now also see KWs in the KWs generator preview that are not generated, e.g. because they do not meet the length or word count conditions.

May 12, 2022
Improvements and features
  • In order to improve clarity, we have modify the Cookie bar, which especially on mobile devices did not work as we would have liked. So we redesigned it for all platforms to make it as convenient as possible to interact with.

  • You can now change the data source for an already created export if needed. This action will result in a loss of filled data, but we will notify you in due course.

  • For Facebook campaigns, there is now an option to select the so-called “quick sync” in the menu below the update. This is faster than the classic synchronization because it does not synchronize the data source, but only the structure of your campaign in the system. So if you only want to tweak a few things in your ads, this is the option for you :)

May 5, 2022

Migration from ETA to RSA

Following Google’s decision to stop supporting ETA ads on June 30, 2022, we have prepared an automatic migration to RSA ads for all users. You don’t need to set anything up or turn anything on in this regard. However, if you’d like to convert your ads yourself, we’ve prepared a tool that will guide you through the migration easily. You can read more on our blog.

Improvements and features
  • You now have the option for Heureka, Zboží and Google Merchant Center feed exports to set up shipping for multiple carriers
April 21, 2022
Improvements and features
  • Google released an API update tied to DSA and to make everything work as it should, we adapted PPC Bee for the new system. At the same time, we prevented the “duplicate_feed_name” error that could occur due to two versions running in parallel.

  • Within the DSA settings, you can now choose to use just the page feed as well as the new option to use both the page feed and the Google index.

  • We have modified the domain validation, where previously only 5 characters could be used. We have now started to support all possible available domains (.online, .digital etc.).

Bug fixes
  • Sometimes it could happen that the pagefeed didn’t synchronize the url correctly because of an error on Google’s side. We have taken certain measures to prevent this error from occurring and to keep everything synchronized as it should be.

  • Fixed a bug where filtered and grouped data sources had an error on the product page in filtering. In the case of filtering, it was showing values from the original feed and not the filtered one.

March 30, 2022

Improved image editor

  • We’ve put together a new gallery of templates and elements that you can easily insert and use in your campaigns, or customize to your liking to save a lot of time on banner graphics. Easter templates and elements are currently available, but we will be adding more as time goes on.

  • We’ve also added the ability to group elements into a custom image, allowing you to make individual elements into one that you can then use as you wish.

  • We’ve also added a new feature to upload multiple images to the gallery at once.

  • You now also have options to zoom the canvas as you like and display guides.

  • And if something goes wrong, you can now upload the latest version from history.

Improvements and features
  • You can now use special characters in variable names, such as underscores, dashes, etc.
March 17, 2022
Improvements and features
  • Ability to change the order of conditions in “Find and Replace” when creating variables

When using the “Find and Replace” function, you can now change the order of individual conditions, for example when creating a new variable.

  • Bulk editing of Performance Max Asset groups

You now have the ability to view the columns for the Asset Groups of Performance Max campaigns in the ad text chart, and you can bulk edit these directly from the chart. This way you don’t have to edit each value separately. You can use this feature, for example, when you want to change a description or headline in bulk.

  • Webinars on the dashboard

Now you can also sign up for our webinars directly from the app, right in your organization’s dashboard. This way you won’t miss any important events :)

Bug fixes
  • Speeding up Ad text chart loading time

We’ve noticed that campaign ad texts are taking longer to load than we’d like. That’s why we’ve optimized the loading time and made it faster by more than 2/3.

  • Option to convert variable to text

If you used two hyphens in the variable name (e.g. out_of_stock), (of) was automatically mistakenly evaluated as a variable, not as text. Therefore, an error occurred when generating the values. It is now possible to click on the erroneous value to set it to be evaluated as text. This makes everything work correctly.

March 9, 2022

Launching Performance MAX campaigns

Recently, Google launched a new type of campaign - Performance MAX. And of course we want the most up-to-date options available for you, so we’ve been working hard to implement this campaign type into PPC Bee. Today is D-Day and you can try Performance MAX for yourself! If you’d like to learn more about what this type of campaign is actually for and how to use it, we’ve prepared an article on our blog and a manual on our learn.

Improvements and features
  • New feed exports

Our feed export family is still growing, this time we have added export options for Biano, Moebel.de, Ceneje.si, Wish.com and Ebay.com

  • Demo test feeds to try when uploading a data source

You now have the option to use our sample feeds when uploading a data source. There is a Category and Product feed.

  • User changes to the performance graph on the dashboard

Now in the main graph on the dashboard you have the option to see the number of changes. These are individual dots that show how many changes you have made on a given day. The dots can be expanded, which will show you those changes.

  • Edit saved filters directly at the point of use

You can now edit saved filters right where you use them. So you don’t have to go back to Saved Filters to edit them.

  • RSA ad texts for Microsoft Ads (Bing)

Previously, it was only possible to create RSAs for Google Ads and the possibility of creating RSAs for Microsoft Ads was only for ETA ad texts, but they will be cancaled in the future. Now you can create RSAs for Microsoft Ads as well.

Bug fixes
  • We’ve added the ability to delete ad groups in Shopping campaigns when there are no products, instead of pausing them.
  • We’ve modified Google Sheets linking in linked accounts to allow user to link a new Sheet account instead of the old one.
February 4, 2022
Bug fixes
  • We’ve fixed an issue with Facebook adtex sync where the domains required error was occurring.

  • We’ve fixed an issue where changing columns in a chart was not preserved when browsing the app. Now when you return to the page, the settings you have selected are preserved.

  • We’ve fixed a bug with PLA campaigns where in some cases if a dimension was missing in the adgroup name, the entire adgroup might not be generated.”