app updates

December 9, 2021
Improvements and features
  • Saved filters edit

We want to make the app intuitive for all our users, so we have taken your feedback and modified the Saved Filters and Product Groups function. We’ve combined these two features into one feature and dressed them up in a new coat. We hope new setup will be easier to use for you. All functionality has been retained and your current product groups will automatically move to filters.

November 29, 2021

Feed scraper redesign

Creating data feeds or enriching them with additional data using sitemaps of your website has never been easier. Scraper’s new design should make the setup even simpler, more intuitive and clearer. We’ve now added the ability to preview what you’re about to download using Scraper. We’ve also made it easier to select for scraping - better and easier options to filter sitemaps. We’ve also made our Scraper wizard more visible.

Change Broad modifier match for Keywords in Google Ads

Google Ads is removing the broad modifier match option for keywords. We therefore had to adapt to this in PPC Bee as well. For new keywords, we will therefore alert you to this fact, so that you don’t have unnecessary problems with keywords not being matched to Google Ads.

Improvements and features
  • We have redesigned the create modals in app to make them clearer. Modals for creating new campaigns, new ads, keywords, variables and data sources have been redesigned. For the latter, it was also made clearer and more extensive. We’ve added links to data from our demoshop for testing as well as links for creating other data enrichments, making everything faster, easy to find and in one place.

  • We’ve made a few changes to Facebook. We’ve added an information badge for each feature and ad setting that shows information about which ad set or campaign the feature is applied to. This is especially useful for better orientation of the user, who now knows at a glance that, for example, a certain budget applies to these campaigns.

  • Facebook Audiences has also seen a change - Detailed targeting. We have now added the option of Detailed targeting by behaviour, characteristics, demographics. This allows you to better target the audiences you are interested in (you can include or exclude certain groups).

  • Distinguish between enrichments and connected sources for a data source by status - active/inactive. In the data source chart and in the menu for each data source, you can now see if you have any other data sources linked, how many there are and now also what status they are in - grey - not active, green - active.

Bug fixes
  • Google Sheet - update error. We have added a new warning about an error when importing a Google Sheet data source caused by a problem with linked accounts. You will now get a notification that you have a problem with a linked Google account. You also now have the option to reconnect by clicking the “reconnect” button.
November 1, 2021

Facebook creation simplify

We add improvements to Facebook campaign creation, where we’ve focused on simplification, clarity and flow, which should now be more like creating a campaign directly in Facebook. In particular, the creation of advertising sets and their properties has been accelerated. We have also improved the preview of the whole structure for better clarity.

Product sets

You can now create product groups above your data feed, allowing you to group products by, for example, category, verticals, margins etc (there is no limits), you can then use these product groups anywhere in the app when filtering products.

Saved filters

It often happens that you use a filter (condition) in campaigns, ad groups, feed exports and you still have to “click” it all over again. Now you can save such filters and then use them in the app in all places.

New remapping type variable

We’ve added a new variable for you to overwrite content from your feed in bulk. For example, if you need to rename the correct categories according to the category tree of a particular product comparator when managing listings for a product comparator, this variable will be perfect for you to edit the categories.

Improvements and features
  • Improve the clarity of full-page modals so that you always have an idea of where you are and what modal you have open.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed table header which sometimes could jump and not show up. It now displays correctly on all devices and browsers.
October 27, 2021
Bug fixes
  • Facebook audiences no longer show “saved” audiences in the “custom” audiences selection, which could cause a sync error

  • Facebook audiences now allow selection of regions and cities in locations

  • Google Merchant Center now loads all sub-accounts that a user manages.

October 13, 2021
Improvements and features
  • Modified main side menu icons
    Paid features such as Feed Scraper now have a green dollar sign next to them for better clarity. It also has a green/grey dot next to it to indicate if it is actively being used.
Bug fixes
  • Data Enrichment Fixed bug where the created Data Enrichment could not be deleted.

  • Scraper Lite fixed bug where Scraper Wizard would not open due to preview not wanting to display.

  • Fixed an issue with displaying a campaign when a data source is archived.

October 1, 2021

Ability to pause the entire data feed

We have added a new switch button to the data feeds, that works on the principle green - active/ grey - paused

You can simply turn off the data source you don’t want to use and pay for it, but attention - everything linked to the data source is suspended and therefore everything associated with it will not sync.

Improvements and features

New columns in Data Sources menu

For better clarity we have added new columns in the Data Sources menu. These are:

  • Feed Scraper domains
    For better overview of Feed Scraper usage you can see this column.

  • Active data Enrichments
    This column shows what enrichments the data source has created - how many and of what type. Only active enrichments are displayed.

  • Connected data sources
    This column shows you other linked data sources that are connected to the data source.

  • Status column in the feed exports , data sources and campaigns menu
    You can see this column for a better overview of their status, in a minute.

September 17, 2021

PayPal payment option

You now have the option to pay your subscription from your PayPal account.

Scraper lite for Data Enrichment

Now in application you can find a smaller sibling of our Feed Scraper that allows you to enrich your data feed with data from one specific website. As a user, you can use it completely for free.

September 6, 2021

New Google Ads API

The original Google Adwords API has been replaced with the new Google Ads API. After several weeks of hard work and intensive testing, during which we did everything to make the new implementation work as it should, we are releasing the API into the application.

Improvements and features
  • Target impression share strategy
    Within bidding strategies, you can now also use the Target impression share option.

  • Sync acceleration
    We have optimized the performance of our application. This acceleration will support seamless import of your data sources into PPC Bee.
  • Ad texts in Google Ads
    At this time, PPC Bee does not delete ad texts in Google Ads when the ad group is paused.
Bug fixes
  • fix of incorrect synchronizations of product groups in PLA campaigns

  • adjustment of other bidding strategies as they work in Google Ads

  • fix of pausing of Ad sets that are marked as STOPPED

  • fix of synchronization when keywords change from positive to negative

  • optimization of ad text creation

August 18, 2021

Data enrichment

The user can now use the Data enrichment function in the application to enrich their existing data source with additional data from other systems. With this new data, you can better specify your strategies and work with the setup of the campaigns themselves. On our LEARN page you will find specific use cases for each system. You can read more about data enrichment on our blog.

Improvements and features
  • Variable type Countdown
    With the Countdown variable, you can include in your ads the number of days remaining on a specific date (start/end of the event) or use a variable from a data source. You can also use the variable in banners when working with the Image Editor or the Ad Text Generator.

  • Improved pagination
    In PPC Bee, the user has the ability to scroll to the previous/upcoming page below the table, but now can also use the option to skip to the first/last page on the stand.

  • Image editor design changes
    In the Image editor, you will find modified icons that determine the order of layers.

  • New icons for campaigns and ad text
    For better clarity, we have modified the icons for each campaign.

  • Improved number variable
    When a new number variable is created, the inserted numbers are converted to decimals so that integers can be divided correctly. Dividing numbers in a custom variable is great for getting CTR, PNO and ROAS. User also has the option to choose what happens to the resultant value on non-valid input.

August 12, 2021
Improvements and features
  • Feed export for FB catalogue - Vehicles
    In the offer of our feed exports we have now added the option to choose the export for Facebook catalog of the type Vehicles.

  • Working with time in conditions BETA
    Our development department has now improved the ability to work with time conditions when there is a variable of the date type in the feed. Now the user will find a clearer explanation in the application and a clear timeline that shows which specific products fall into the filter and which do not.

July 12, 2021

Data Explorer

Thanks to the explorer, you can in-depth examine your data source according to the set dimensions and metrics and optimize the settings of your campaigns based on the results. You can find the Explorer above the product preview in the data source, as a third display option. With this feature, you can analyze your current data exactly as you need at the moment. Investing will then make it easier for you to decide how to set up your campaigns and their structure. You can download the final result in .csv format.

Scraper wizard

Don’t have your data source? Does not matter! With the Feed scraper, you can easily get it by simply entering the URL of your site map. Thanks to the scraper wizard, we can easily enrich our new feed with additional elements. You can now easily select the data you wish to use for your new feed by simply clicking on the preview of the selected page. Thanks to the wizard, you do not have to work with advanced CSS selectors, but only mark elements that will be scrapped for the final feed. How to work with the scraper itself and the scraper wizard can be found in our learn.

Improvements and features
  • New notifications in the application
    Under the bell icon in the application, you will now find notifications from all organizations managed by you. Notifications are clearly divided into categories, based on application updates, problems in the data source and other messages. The user can easily filter read and unread messages and assign these statuses back to them. And because your opinion matters to us, you can easily rate the messages and give us feedback.

  • Time restrictions for all campaigns
    From now on, you can use time-restriction features in all your campaigns, such as setting the exact date when a particular campaign will run. For search campaigns, you will find this option in the settings of the advertising system, FB, DSA, Smart and PLA campaigns always have this option on the first page and then in the setup of campaign or Google ads.

  • Edit sync options for Smart Campaigns and Google Shopping
    As part of these campaigns, we’ve adjusted the bidding sync option. Now you can use the button to choose whether you will change your bidding strategy settings directly from us in the application or in a specific advertising system.

June 3, 2021
Improvements and features
  • Facebook campaign gives you now better ability to target relevant audiences
    For remarketing strategy, you can now choose between new audience type - Up sell and Cross sell. For prospecting, you will find new option to create your own custom exclusion, i.e. choose an audience you do not want your ad to show to.
June 2, 2021
Improvements and features
  • Choosing an ad system for keywords
    As a specialist in PPC Bee, you can now decide what type of match to use when creating keywords, as well as which ad system to send these KWs to. And all this without creating a separate campaign. When creating keywords, simply click on the target ad system icon.

  • Renaming and moving an adgroup from one campaign to another
    If the categories in the campaign name change and you have set the structure of campaigns by categories, the application will create the corresponding number of campaigns according to the number of categories. For example, if you create a campaign by margin and one product changes the margin, that Ad set will be paused in that campaign. A new Ad set will be inserted in the correct campaign. You can now laso delete the product id within the structure in the campaign - there is no need to have it in the ad group name.

April 30, 2021
Improvements and features
  • Simplify actions over a data source
    Of the many actions above the table, only the two most commonly used actions are left. To update the data feed and create a grouped data feed, other functions such as creating a filtered data feed can be found by users in the drop-down list.

  • Working with dates within variables is now available in PPC Bee
    Now you can see a new “first seen on” column in your data feed, which indicates the date the item was added to the feed. This date can be used in conditions, when creating variables or ads. Depending on the date, you can choose which products you want to use and, for example, you can target new products added to the feed.

April 26, 2021
Improvements and features
  • Adjustments of image templates in the Image Editor
    In the Image Editor interface, you can easily implement actions and edits on an image template. Just select a specific image and choose to edit, duplicate or delete it. Templates that are already in use for example in a campaign or export, can’t be deleted.
April 8, 2021

Updated table of ad texts

The table of advertising texts has been redesigned. Orientation in the table is now more intuitive and the creation of ad texts more agile. As a user, you now have a better overview of the branching of individual ads. For better orientation, there is a search above the table, filter by ad text type and you can also switch between table or row overview.

Improvements and features
  • Card payment error notification
    If you have set payment by card as the main payment method and the payment is not made automatically (eg expiration), you will now receive an email with a notification of the error. You can immediately pay manually via the payment gateway.

  • Activity log available for download
    In the Activity log section, you now have the option to download an audit of activities up to 30 days back. This file can be used for better control of activities in the organization, or as a statement of individual actions.

  • Unsaved changes notification
    With the new enhancement, you’ll never lose unsaved edits to your campaigns again. If you, as a user, make any unsaved changes to the settings and want to leave the section, the system will ask you automatically if you want to discard the changes or continue further editing.

March 23, 2021


  • New design
    Our Subscription page has a new layout. Compared to the original version, the subscription is now divided into three separate sections, namely subscription, billing, and invoices. Thanks to this you will get a better overview of which PPC Bee functions you use and what payments are linked to them.

  • Subscription
    You can now clearly see in your account, which Features are currently used, to what extent and what is the price for the usage.

  • Status boxes
    On the page of your subscription, you will now find information boxes with the current status of your subscription.


  • Activation modals
    Before syncing the Ad to the selected system, you’ll see an activation modal with a summary of the action. That is, a notification whether you are running a paid Feature, whether you are in a trial version or in a classic period, price list, and billing information. You will also see a similar modal when activating the feed export.

  • Image Editor usage indicator
    If you are using our Image Editor, thanks to those new columns you will have a quick overview of what campaigns and exports are currently using this Feature.

Improvements and features
  • New Dashboard Metrics
    Thanks to the modification of the main graph, you will better see the development of individual metrics over time, both in the context of the entire organization and within individual campaigns. In the Dashboard, you can also find latest news about our Features.

  • Feed export news
    In the export for Google Merchant Center, you will now find two new attributes, namely product detail for additional information and highlights for highlighting the most important product features. For the needs of Google remarketing, you can use our new Feed export type Custom.

January 19, 2021

Image editor

  • Live preview
    In the Image Editor, you can now freely switch between design mode and live preview. Thanks to this preview, you will instantly see what the final image or banner will really look like.

  • Image flipping
    Thanks to our enhancement, you can rotate your images vertically and horizontally. This option makes it even easier to create tuned banners.

Feed Scraper

The latest release also brought a new form of Feed Scraper, which is now more user-friendly. The features have been retained, but will now be easier to use to create new data sources.


  • Select images within your ad text settings
    Automatic mapping of images from your data source is now resolved. At this point, you can omit any manual adjustment from your head. We’ll automatically select all the images from your feed and then offer them to you when creating a creative for your Facebook ads. From there, you can also edit them directly in our Image Editor. See more on our Blog.

  • Ads branching
    Minor improvements also occurred within the branching of individual ads. Now the branching is even more intuitive. Thanks to our warning, you will prevent a situation where you would create an ad via branching, which will not subsequently appear in the system.

January 6, 2021
Improvements and features
  • ARRAY variable - new text editing
    Thanks to a new improvement you can now make the same adjustments to the ARRAY variable as to the text variable if the output is a single item. At this point, you can use functions such as find and replace, text shortening, and other transformations for the field.

  • Audit log
    The new activity overview gives you even better control over your in-app actions. While until now it was only possible to view activity for the previous 7 days, you can now track your actions backwards at any time. The history of activities can also be used for a specific data source or campaign, via a link in the side menu.

  • Invoice notes
    Did you miss the possibility to add the order number or other information to your invoice, for example for accounting purposes? It is now possible to add any note to the invoice. You will find this option in the settings, in the Subscription and Billing section.

December 10, 2020
Improvements and features
  • Default setting of columns in the campaign table
    We have adjusted the display of columns in the campaign summary table. The information for each campaign is in the table selected and sorted now by how relevant it is to users. If you want to add or remove anything, just use the custom column function.

  • New info bar
    We have moved important information (like trial or subscription info) from the breadcrumb to a separate top bar for better orientation. Thanks to this new update you will not miss anything important.

Bug fixes
  • Adtext preview
    We’ve improved the preview of your ad texts. On the right side, you can see a preview of the ad for any selected product. However, if you have more than one ad set, we will also show you information which set the product is generated in so that you have a better overview.

  • Facebook campaigns time restrictions
    Based on a specific client request, we added the possibility of time restrictions for campaigns on Facebook. With them, you can set when you want your campaigns to run. Campaigns will automatically shut down when the timeout expires. Do you have an idea that would make your work at PPC Bee easier? Share it with us at support@ppcbee.com.