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Advanced Shopping Ads campaigns easily with PPC Beearrow

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Classic search campaign format
Shopping Ads format
Shopping Ads format
Shopping ads
  • Grabs the customer's attention easily
  • Gives the customer the feeling of browsing an online store
Classic search campaign format
Classic camp
  • Includes text only
  • You need to come up with eye-catching descriptions

Shopping Ads with PPC Bee

Automate your campaigns, it's free for 30 days
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A powerful tool to manage Shopping Ads

That is PPC Bee. Automate your campaigns without losing the control over your ads.
Hierarchy structure
Simple and easy to create campaign structure
Create a dynamic structure of your Shopping Ads campaign. It's clear and makes it easy for you to make changes in the campaign, if needed.
Cpc rules
Set CPC on an ad group level
PPC Bee allows you to set CPC on an ad group level easily for all the products at once.
Monitor your sales on product level
Thanks to the structure of the campaigns you can monitor products on the individual level.
Select products
Advertise products that you want
By using advanced filters PPC Bee offers you can easily select the products you want to advertise.

Here's your Shopping Ads done, in just few minutes!

Once everything is set, just sit back and watch the ROI grow. Thanks to automatic synchronizations, PPC Bee reflects all the changes of your online store portfolio in your ads.
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