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Input data preparation

It all starts with well chosen input data.
Do you want to manage your Ad Campaigns in PPC Bee, but don't have the right data source? Thanks to the Feed scraper, you can create the new product and categorical feed in a few clicks. Just insert your own web site sitemap.
Feed scraper advanced settings
Choose which elements you want to scrap from your sitemap. Do you only need products or categories for your campaigns? Would you like to focus only on specific URLs? Or do you want to automatically copy some specific information from the web into the ads? This is no problem with PPC Bee.

Working with Scraper improvements

New feed in just a few clicks thanks to the Scraper wizard
With the Scraper wizard, everyone can create a new data source. And without the need to control the work with CSS selectors!
Thanks to the Scraper Wizard function, the user can more easily select data from his sitemap URL, create a new variable from it and thus enrich the feed. Simply select the attributes to be scrapped by simply clicking in the preview of the selected page. You can also see what you see on your page in your new feed.
Feed scraper Lite
Need to enrich your existing feed with information that is on a specific page of your website, such as the price level for free shipping or current promotions? Use our Feed scraper Lite, scrap one URL and enrich your data source completely free of charge.
As a user, you can use an unlimited number of Lite scrapers as a part of data enrichment.

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Would you like to manage your campaigns in PPC Bee, but you lack the appropriate data source? Use Feed scraper and get your feed by inserting a sitemap of your e-shop. With the Scraper wizard, you can select attributes for your new feed with a few clicks. Try our Feed scaper for free as part of a 30-day trial.
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What our clients say about our Feed scraper

From the position of the agency, I am very happy about the Feed scraper. We are using its function, for example, with the Office Depot client. Creating additional data sources from a sitemap is really easy and anyone who works with PPC Bee at least a little will have no problem managing Scraper. Subsequent creation of campaigns is easy and works in the same way as, for example, campaigns from product feeds.
Jan Eder
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