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Try out how easy it is to customize your data sources in one place for the needs of Google, Heureka, Glami, Zboží.cz or other platforms
Customize your feed, without the need of programmer intervention. Thanks to Feed exports.
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Each advertising platform has specific requirements for the input data format. With us you can edit your feed in a few minutes.
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Upload any data source and manage your ads conveniently from one place. Edit your feed according to requirements of the target platform (Zboží.cz, Heureka, Glami, Favi etc.). Determine what information the feed will contain, namely using custom variables. Don't stress yourself with assigning the work to developers and IT specialists. In PPC Bee you can handle any adjustments just by yourself.
Dazzling dynamic banners thanks to the Image editor
Create image creatives right on the feed level and move the competition to the second row. Thanks to our Image editor.
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In advertising systems, RTB platforms, product comparators and Facebook.
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Export your data for the needs of selected advertising systems and platforms. Don't let your ads be limited by the technical requirements of the target system and export your feed easily and quickly directly in the PPC Bee environment. Try our Feed exports for free as part of a 30-day trial.
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