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Make higher profits with Facebook Dynamic Ads

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From easy adjustment of your data for Facebook Catalog to editing the product pictures in your ads.
In just 15 minutes.

A powerful and easy-to-use tool

That is PPC Bee. Automate your campaigns without losing control over your ads.
Everything starts with suitably structuralized data
Before you can start creating your campaigns, you need to have your data ready. Thanks to a Feed exporter in PPC Bee you can easily transform your input data into those required for Facebook Catalog.
Reach both, visitors of your website and new customers
PPC Bee supports both types of Dynamic Product Ads campaigns. It’s up to you whether you want to target those who have visited your website, or their lookalikes and new customers.
Automatic or manual structure? Choose what fits your needs best
PPC Bee allows you to create ad sets automatically using attributes from your feed.
Or, you can create the ad sets manually and set the conditions individually.
Create stunning images to feature your ads
Do you need to remove the background of the image so the product stands out? Or add various graphic elements? PPC Bee Image generator is here to help you. You can use your own template and what’s more, you can use conditions to insert various pictures or elements into specific products.
From 5 000 Kč
Advertise on social media and make a higher profit thanks to our additional Feature Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. After 30 days of the free trial, the price is calculated as a percentage from spend on your Facebook campaigns or Facebook Ads.
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“Creating dynamic product campaigns for Facebook with PPC Bee is extremely simple and user-friendly. What you do in Facebook’s Business Manager for several hours will only take a few minutes thanks to PPC Bee. In addition, we tested the image generator, thanks to which we’ve seen an increase in CTR of more than 200%.”
Adam Vašenda

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