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What can you learn from the e-book?

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You’ll find out how more than 3 000 specialists automate their PPC campaigns and which interesting strategies they apply to their PPC accounts!
Data source 900
Your data is absolutely crucial for campaign automation. Our e-book will help you figure out what kind of data is required for automation and how you need to approach your data feeds.
No code 900
Learn to automate your PPC campaigns with no knowledge of programming languages.
Ads time 900
Thanks to PPC Bee, you’ll be able to create thousands of groups, keywords, or ads in a fraction of the time that would have otherwise been necessary.

Table of contents

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  1. Automating online campaigns
  2. Data feed
  3. Automated PPC campaign creation in search networks
  4. Campaign structure (Segmentation)
  5. Creating keywords (Keyword generator)
  6. Automated ads
  7. Automating brand campaigns

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About the author

Petra Pacáková

Chief Growth Officer
Pacakova p
The manager of PPC Bee’s marketing and business activities, she makes sure everyone knows why PPC Bee is so special.