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PPC Bee is like a space rocket. In order to achieve a specific destination, one needs to learn to control it. Our certification program points to specialists who are able to “drive” PPC Bee the best and who help themselves or their clients to streamline the work of creating and managing product campaigns and we can vouch for them.

What advantages result from PPC Bee certification?

  • Rejuvenated training in more experienced functions of PPC Bee
  • Opportunity to influence the order of new functions on the PPC Bee development roadmap
  • Including our certified specialists in PPC Bee website
  • Promotion of the specialist through PPC Bee marketing activities
  • Invitations to events organized by PPC Bee

Certification terms and conditions

  • Holder of certification actively manages campaigns in PPC Bee for at least one client throughout holding the certification
  • Candidate passed PPC Bee training and understood the functioning principles of the application sufficiently
  • Certification is granted for an indefinite period of time and is linked to a person, not the entire organization
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Are you interested in PPC Bee certification?

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PPC Bee Certified Specialists

Would you like to start using PPC Bee? Or do you already use it and just need to get a little better oriented or deepen your knowledge and skills? Would you appreciate some advanced hint or idea to improve your product campaigns?

We have no pre-set dates of training, it always depends on personal agreement. They last 2-4 hours, depending on the needs of the learner. These variables also determine the price for the training. The trainings take place in person or online via Skype or hangout.

Are you interested in PPC Bee Training?

Training is a required prerequisite for getting PPC Bee Certification