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Manual creation
Products in campaign
up to 100 up to 1 000 up to 10 000 more than 10 000 Products in campaign Manual creation time 15 mins 2 hours 1 day X days
Products in campaign Manual creation time up to 100 15 mins 2 hours 1 day X days up to 1 000 up to 10 000 more than 10 000
15 mins
2 hours
1 day
X days
up to 100
up to 1000
up to 10 000
more than 10 000
With PPC Bee,
the creation takes only
15 minutes
With PPC Bee, the creation will never take more than a few minutes no matter the number of products your DSA campaign contains.

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Automated campaign updates
The creation of structured ad groups and ad texts by hand can be very time-consuming. With PPC Bee, any changes in the data source are automatically reflected in the campaign structure - e.g. if any product is out of stock, the ad group will be paused automatically.
More control over your ads
You can set up the CPC rules and tailor the ad text for each specific product or product group.
Easy campaign adjustment
As all the changes can be made globally, fine-tuning the whole campaign will take only a few clicks.
Keep the quality score thanks to Ad Customizers
Want to have the up-to-date price mentioned in your ad text? Thanks to Ad Customizers, whenever the price changes, the ad text won’t be deleted but only updated. That means the history will remain, and so will the quality score.
Automatically generated DSA page feed
Based on the selected products, PPC Bee generates the DSA page feed, connects it with the campaign and updates it every time the campaign is being synchronized. And what’s more, with PPC Bee it can be updated up to 24 times a day.

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Zboží.cz increased its CTR by 25%
After launching DSA campaigns via PPC Bee our impressions have gone up by 78% and clicks by 37%. In addition, thanks to DSA campaigns with PPC Bee we bring traffic of higher quality to Zboží.cz, as the CTR has gone up by 25%. We used to set up DSA campaigns manually in Google Ads. Luckily, thanks to PPC Bee we don’t have to do so anymore. We can save a tremendous amount of time and we’re able to cover lots of categories very quickly. Additionally, in combination with Smart bidding, the campaigns are highly effective.
Tereza Kubištová
PPC Specialist

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