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Our values

"We're making a tool that gives clients power over their product campaigns. Our vision is to do it in a way that keeps us being the best. Throughout our work, we rely on the values that define us."

— Hana Habermannová, COO

Each one of us tries to attain mastery in what they do. Hard work, passion, and responsibility for our product and our team are our driving force. Every member is an individual bringing unique values to our product.

Our client is an equal partner.
PPC Bee was, is, and always will be, built in such a way as to fully meet our clients' needs. Their feedback serves as our main inspiration.

We're continually improving the quality of our tool, the design of the services we offer, and making the way we work more effective. Innovations are an indispensable member of our team, making sure that every day, we're better than the last.

Our team

Ondřej Bartas

the lead developer and co-owner, keeps chowing down new development challenges to make inroads in the PPC market.

Pavel Vachek

our CEO, chief strategist and co-owner, sets the course for PPC Bee and makes sure the user experience is top-notch.

Hana Habermannová

Queen of PPC Bee company and our COO, rallies the entire team behind an ambitious vision.

Petra Pacáková

through marketing and business activities, she makes sure everyone knows why PPC Bee is so special.

Kristýna Šlajsová

is the essential advisor during the process of hiring new members of PPC Bee Hive. With her sincere interest, she takes care of the mental well being and overall happiness of her colleagues.

Kristýna Hloušková

pampers all of our projects, not just pending but also future ones. From dawn till dusk she helps to secure a smooth and relaxed team workflow.

Jan Jíra

is a proud tamer of the Growth team member. As an experienced project manager, he helps with the management of either individual or common projects and tasks. The deadlines tremble in fear of Honza, and not a single task without the "done" flag survives under his supervision.

Jakub Kašpárek

brings beauty and sparkle to our pixels. Get a glimpse of his imagination as you look through our app, website, and marketing materials.

Martin Laudát

oversees the Product team to ensure that all new features and enhancements reflect users' needs, address their problems and concerns, and help them with their daily work.

Šimon Jún

in the Growth team is primarily responsible for research and design of the application and web environment, from the initial design, through prototype to user testing.

Jan Soldát

knows the secret of how to write a code in React. Thanks to that he helps with the development of the PPC Bee frontend. He is always ready to ensure that everything in the application works as it should.

Petr Majer

works his CSS magic to ensure PPC Bee looks as beautiful as it was designed.

Petr Liška

makes sure that PPC Bee makes data-based decisions. He also works on features, clever hacks, and fixes.

Jakub Vašek

is an indispensable member of the Growth team. New automation strategies and business projects are flourishing under his hands.

Tomáš Kraus

devises automation strategies for our clients and works magic with our own advertising.

Ondřej Lebl

as an account manager is in charge of the satisfaction and well-being of our users. Would you like to know everything about our features, news, but also about the general operation of PPC Bee? Ondra is the right person to turn to.

Lukáš Havel

is waiting nervously every morning on our support channel to help you resolve any question. Thanks to his speed and diligence, Lukáš quickly gained the favor and affection of our clients. Try it for yourself and you will understand.


This is Pupík. The smallest and hairiest member of our team with roots in sunny Sri Lanka. As a true leader of a pack, he keeps watching all of his colleagues from the safety of his pillow. Unless he’s sleeping…

Our work ethics

For us, plans are not doctrines. We're flexible and adjust to the current circumstances. We react to clients' wishes and news from our domain. We're “agile”.

We experiment, risk, and aren't afraid to try things that are new to us. Every one of the experiences we gain moves us closer to product and personal prowess.

We're serious about clear communication and maintaining excellent relationships in our team, with external collaborators, and with clients. These are the building blocks needed for developing a tool of global proportions.

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