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Our values

"We're making a tool that gives clients power over their product campaigns. Our vision is to do it in a way that keeps us being the best. Throughout our work, we rely on the values that define us."

— Hana Habermannová, CEO

Each one of us tries to attain mastery in what they do. Hard work, passion, and responsibility for our product and our team are our driving force. Every member is an individual bringing unique values to our product.

Our client is an equal partner.
PPC Bee was, is, and always will be, built in such a way as to fully meet our clients' needs. Their feedback serves as our main inspiration.

We're continually improving the quality of our tool, the design of the services we offer, and making the way we work more effective. Innovations are an indispensable member of our team, making sure that every day, we're better than the last.

Our team

Ondřej Bartas

the lead developer and co-owner, keeps chowing down new development challenges to make inroads in the PPC market.

Hana Habermannová

the company director and CEO, rallies the entire team behind an ambitious vision.

Pavel Vachek

our chief strategist and co-owner, sets the course for PPC Bee and makes sure the user experience is top-notch.

Marlene Vágner

gets PPC Bee out into the world, making sure business is thriving. She's on maternal leave now, but she's still a core part of our family.

Jindřich Jíra

is the driving force behind bringing PPC Bee more clients, doing everything in his power to have us reach our business goals.

Robert Wolf

is our business developer, bringing us new clients and keeping strong and friendly relationships with the existing ones.

Jiří Havlovic

is our other business developer, who takes care about our clients’ well-being and seeks new business opportunities for PPC Bee.

Petr Liška

works on features, clever hacks, and fixes. Ruby is his middle name.

Petr Majer

works his CSS magic to ensure PPC Bee looks as beautiful as it was designed.

Barbora Strihová

sees to it that PPC Bee is fulfilling its vision, guiding the team one task or meeting at a time.

Robin Vysloužil

takes in-progress work and hunts for any bugs that might have gotten in.

L'ubomír Ruska

Is focused on you, the user. He strives to make your journey through PPC Bee as pleasant and straightforward as possible.

Mirek Mazel

looks after our users’ experience. He makes sure people get delighted rather than frustrated.

Michaela Zákopčaníková

is the person you’ll chat with, caring after the success of each and every client.

Kristýna Čechová

is the go-to person for our CEO. Whenever there's an issue slowing the team down, she's on it!

Adam Vašenda

optimizes your campaigns for maximum performance.

We are hiring!

Our work ethics

For us, plans are not doctrines. We're flexible and adjust to the current circumstances. We react to clients' wishes and news from our domain. We're “agile”.

We experiment, risk, and aren't afraid to try things that are new to us. Every one of the experiences we gain moves us closer to product and personal prowess.

We're serious about clear communication and maintaining excellent relationships in our team, with external collaborators, and with clients. These are the building blocks needed for developing a tool of global proportions.

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